Ocean Victories

Two New Underwater Wilderness Preserves

The first interstate system of marine parks is now approved, stretching from North Carolina to the Florida Keys. According to Environmental Defense, which helped design the 500,000- acre network, the eight tracts of deep-water corals will protect 73 species of grouper, snapper and tile fish that have been overfished for a century.

An Environmental Defense-led coalition is also celebrating a new 3,240-acre Northeast Ecological Corridor along the eastern corner of Puerto Rico’s main island. It will preserve one of the Caribbean’s last great wild areas, including coral reefs, wetlands, beaches, nesting sites for the endangered leatherback sea turtle, and the adjacent El Yunque rainforest. Nearly 100,000 messages of concern from citizens helped determine the positive outcome.

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More from Natural Awakenings

Wind Harvest

The first floating wind farm in the UK, Hywind in Scotland, will have a 30-megawatt capacity to provide clean energy to 20,000 homes.

Fossilized Financing

The world’s biggest economies provide four times more public financing for fossil fuels than for renewable energies.

Renewable Payoff

For a few hours last May, Germany’s renewable mix of energy generated so much power that customers were actually paid for using electricity.

Sealife Sanctuary

Greenpeace is working with the European Union and Germany to set aside an Antarctic sanctuary of almost three-quarters of a million square miles to protect whales, penguins and other wildlife.

Plumbing Progress

An innovative Australian project recycles discarded ocean plastic into 3-D printer filament, which is then used to make replacement plumbing parts in needy areas of the world.
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