July 2014

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Global Briefs

Seabirds’ Significance

A cycle involving the signals between seabirds and krill opens the door to a deeper understanding of climate change.

Shame Game

Some personal-product makers and law enforcers are becoming more attentive to public concerns about microbeads and palm-oil sourcing.

Action Alert

The FDA has proposed changes to both the current Nutrition Facts panel on food labels and Supplement Facts panel on dietary supplement labels that prompt concern.

Strength in Numbers

Using educational films, heifers, seed banks and investments and other measures, nonprofit groups are nudging the planet toward more sustainable and just food systems.

Sperm Killer

Animal research is raising concerns that Roundup’s toxic effects upon animal species’ sperm could similarly be hampering male fertility in humans.

Urban Habitats

With half the planet’s people now established as city-dwellers, scientists are studying the urban effect upon greenery and critters.

Food Transparency

Vermont’s legislature has passed the first law in the country mandating labeling of products with 1 percent or more of genetically modified ingredients.

Garden Gunk

No regulations exist to warn us that human sewage, not to mention toxins and heavy metals, might be part in the garden fertilizers we buy.

Relaxing Rules

The Department of Agriculture has quietly opened the door to more non-organic and synthetic ingredients in products certified as organic.

Farm Building

The fact that the average American farmer is age 58 underscores the urgency of a new crop of programs now teaching younger farmers agricultural business and technical skills.
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Health Briefs

Ginger and Turmeric Protect Skin from Sun

Herbal Extracts Absorb UVB Rays

Essential Oils Effective in Fighting Candida, MRSA

Effective Natural Treatments

Dried Plums Prevent Bone Loss

Small Daily Serving Boosts Density

Sun’s Rays May Help Heart Health

Providing More than Vitamin D Production

Fruits and Veggies Boost Kids’ Learning and Social Skills

Healthy Nutrition Leads to Stronger Abilities

Preterm Babies Grow Better with Supplements

Vitamins and Minerals Help Premature Infants

Ashwagandha Herb Mutes Bipolar Disorder, Lowers Stress

Ayurvedic Treatment for Mental Health
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Essential Oils for Summer

Bothersome summer maladies can be easily and beautifully healed with the right essential oils.
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Fit Body

Good Clean Fun Water Sports

It’s hard to enjoy the water when it’s littered with plastic trash and other flotsam—which is why sports lovers across the country are rallying to collect floating and submerged debris.
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Conscious Eating

Stewards of Earth's Bounty

Across the country, pioneering farmers are ditching pesticides to grow food—even beef and fish—that is healthy, tasty and sustainable.

Quick and Cool Vegan Smoothies

For refreshing and nourishing smoothies, try these delicious combos that combine vegan proteins such as soy or seeds with luscious summer fruits and veggies.
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Green Living

Fracking Versus Food

The fast spread of barely-regulated gas drilling throughout rural America is threatening the economic viability of farms and the integrity of our food supply.
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Give Freedom a Hand

Our five fingers remind us of our five basic freedoms—all of them attainable—for which everyone in our planetary community hungers.
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Wise Words

James Gormley Takes On the FDA

Big Pharma dominates the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which is why consumers must keep close watch to ensure they don’t cripple the natural health industry.
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Healthy Kids

Camping Turns Kids into Nature Lovers

Forsaking ‘Angry Birds’ for Bird Songs
To unplug kids from a screen, entice them with successful strategies like fun campouts, zoo overnights and nature scavenger hunts.
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Natural Pet

Lustrous Pooch

Beyond pills and oils, choosing to feed a dog these whole foods gives a healthy shine to its skin and coat.