July 2013

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Global Briefs

Green Kitchen

Does composting feel like too much trouble? Check out convenient innovations like biodegradable packaging and indoor composters—then pitch in to help cut U.S. methane gas emissions by a quarter.

Johnny Appletree

After 30 years of singlehandedly planting a huge forest in North India, Jadav Payeng is starting on his second.

Locavore Aid

Find out how easy it is to “eat local” in each state by checking out the Locavore Index online.

Hands Off

Sustainable development experts are mobilizing to protect a research station in Ontario, Canada, that has contributed groundbreaking research on pollution.

Dangerous Duo

About 3,000 times stronger than sugar, Neotame is now widely used to sweeten processed foods yet lacks strict scientific studies on its toxicity.

Bee Careful

To counter the collapse of honeybee colonies, the European Union has banned three pesticides linked to the mysterious disorder.

Wonder Weave

University of Texas researchers have learned to make nanocellulose, a super-strong, super-light material, from blue-green algae.

Mall Dogs

Animal rescue societies are finding their needy dogs and cats snapped up at shopping centers.

Poisoned Poisson

Water pollution is robbing fish of their sense of smell, making it hard for them to navigate, find mates and avoid predators.
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Health Briefs

Pre-Pregnancy Diet May Alter Genes

Possible Effects on an Unborn's Health

A Bevy of Berry Benefits

Heart Healthy Sweetness

Healthy Metal

Copper Helps Reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections

Stone Fruits Keep Waistlines Trim

Ward Off Metabolic Syndrome

Nature’s Own Sports Drink

Potassium-Packed Natural Recovery

Iced Tea Has Issues

Raises Risk of Kidney Stones

Plasticizer Undermines Heart Cell Functioning

New Findings Raise Concerns

Kudos for Kale

Leading the List of Helpful Leafy Greens
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Banish Acid Reflux

Switching from soft drinks and canned food to non-acid dishes can do wonders to reverse this all-too-common condition.
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Fit Body

Wacky Workouts

Discover ways that people exercise to keep them laughing and boredom-free.
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Conscious Eating

Six Ways to Eat Safe

From organic standards to genetic modifications to animal antibiotics, food safety issues are hotly debated between consumer health advocates and those with commercial agendas. Food Sleuth Melinda Hemmelgarn sorts through the confusion by updating us on the facts that matter—and shows us what we can do about it.

Health Rules

Crazy Sexy Kitchen author Kris Carr shares her recipes for a scrumptious strawberry smoothie and a beyond-healthy kale salad.
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Green Living

A Green Night’s Sleep for Travelers

Thank goodness we’ve graduated beyond simply reusing towels. Hoteliers are going green by repurposing everything from surrounding lands to soaps, iPads, kitchen scraps and water.
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Savor Summer

Try these simple and easy ways to bliss out during sweet summer’s long, light-filled days.
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Wise Words

Relishing Raw Food

A harsh comment directed at her decades ago led Carol Alt to a natural diet that keeps her beautiful and vibrant to this day.
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Healthy Kids

Letting Kids Just Be Kids

They Thrive on Natural, Unstructured Fun
Science says there’s no need to program a child’s every moment! It turns out that “just playing” builds practical skills that will last a lifetime.
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Natural Pet

Pet Food Perils

Veterinarians and pet owners are finding evidence that GMOs in pet food bring on a host of problems.