Food Service Rolling out Meatless Mondays

Food service giant Sodexo is now rolling out Meatless Mondays to 3,000 corporate cafeterias and hospitals across America. “We make it attractive, compelling and much easier than anything else to eat vegetarian,” says Arlin Wasserman, the company’s vice president for sustainability.

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Veggie Renaissance

Motivated by health, animal welfare and environmental concerns, 28 percent of Britons have drastically reduced their meat intake.

Veggie Doctors

Hospitals should add healthy vegetarian options and remove processed meats like bacon and ham from their menus, advises the American College of Cardiology.

Meatless Millennials

Millennials must be “inspired and coached” to eat more animal products, a speaker advised the 2017 Chicken Marketing Summit in North Carolina.

Crackdown Needed

Glyphosate, a Monsanto herbicide linked in studies to several cancers, has been detected in 10 of 24 breakfast foods, including eggs, oatmeal and coffee creamer.

Wine Worry

Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide glyphosate, which harms both soil and human health, has been found in 10 of 10 California wines tested, including organic ones.
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