January 2015

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Global Briefs

Super Suds

Small breweries are using water recycling, solar power, biofuel and other planet-friendly strategies to deliver beer that does good while tasting good.

Corn Guzzler

Federal standards requiring corn-derived ethanol in gasoline are driving up prices for food and farmland while actually increasing our carbon footprint.

Water Cartons

To lower the high eco-costs of plastic water bottles, a Michigan company is boxing water in milk-type cartons.

Smart Solar

Solar-power islands floating on reservoirs may lower Japan’s reliance on nuclear power plants.

Om-Based Care

Holistic clinics, alternative practitioners and yoga studios are increasingly providing free or low-cost services to people in need.

Safer Groceries

A court settlement has set firm enforcement deadlines for a 2011 law mandating food safety measures.

Pristine Protection

A section of remote Pacific Ocean waters twice the size of Texas has been set aside to protect it from deep-sea mining and fishing.
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Health Briefs

Body Symmetry Correlates with Male Strength

Proportion Associated with Muscle

Eucalyptus Oil Inhibits Spread of TB

Natural Remedy Helps Disease Management

Low Magnesium Levels Linked to Kidney Disease

Association with Higher Risks of Serious Illness

Legumes, Nuts and Corn Cut Risk of Breast Cancer

Foods That Protect

Yoga Breathing Helps Ill Kids’ Lungs

Practice Improves Function

Secondhand Smoke Damages Children’s Hearing

Dangers of Lighting Up Around Kids

Phototherapy Reduces Knee Pain

Pulsed Lasers and LED Therapy Brings Relief

Dignity First

Most End-of-Life Care in U.S. Neglects Patient Needs
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It’s All About Metabolism

Doctors often reach for a prescription pad in taking an piece-by-piece approach to treatment, but the actual key to our health is a balanced, robust metabolism.

Energy Boosters

No matter how crazy our days are, these four simple strategies will banish energy drains and increase our get-up-and go.
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Fit Body

Interval Training Knocks Down Blood Sugar

Working out three days a week in intense bursts, whether sprinting, rope-skipping, or running up stairs, improves fitness and reduces abdominal fat.
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Conscious Eating

Hormone-Happy Foods

The chemical messengers called hormones influence our energy and moods—and food, not age, turns out to be the critical factor in healthy hormonal functioning.
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Green Living

Eco-Friendly Floors

Eco-friendly flooring can be found in a wide range of thoughtful choices—from wood, cork and stone to linoleum or concrete.
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New Year, New You

Over-perfectionism can drive us and our loved ones crazy, but by rethinking what ‘perfect’ means, we can reorient our lives and attain a more perfect happiness.
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Wise Words

Louise Hay on Loving Yourself to Ageless Health

The key to happy, healthy longevity is loving and forgiving ourself and others, treating our body well and staying positive, advises this pioneering self-help teacher.
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Healthy Kids

An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Keep Kids Engaged in Healthy Living
Kids are glued to their devices, but they won’t be wasting time if they use new apps that teach them about healthy foods, emotional intelligence and the great outdoors.
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Natural Pet

Pet Anesthesia

By understanding how anesthesia techniques have advanced, we can ask better questions of vets and make better choices for our pets.