January 2014

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Global Briefs


From low-kilowatt lighting to eco-friendlier snowmaking machines, ski resorts are demonstrating their concern for the environmental.

Grassroots Gumption

Recent broad-based campaigns have succeeded in stopping pro-Monsanto Congressional action and in getting arsenic removed from chicken feed.

Yogic Milestone

At the Smithsonian’s Sackler Gallery, ancient and modern sculptures, icons and manuscripts illuminate the rich history and philosophical foundations of yoga.

Global Watchdog

An advisory board with a broad range of experts will focus on how to use science and technology to encourage sustainable development.

Smoke Choke

Opposition is growing to plans to strip-mine millions of tons of coal in Wyoming and Montana and ship it off for use in China, worsening global land, water and air pollution.

Whale Wars

War-training games off America’s coasts could cost the lives of hundreds of whales and dolphins.

Life Threat

Animals and fish raised on GMO crops suffer lowered immunity; the spread of GMO crops is linked to the decline of essential pollinators and insect eaters like butterflies, honeybees and bats.

Dinner Engagement

People that hunger for both good food and nourishing talk are joining together at meal tables to discuss art, the environment and other lively topics.
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Health Briefs

More Bok Choy, Less Ice Cream Boosts Breast Health

Cruciferous Veggies Reduces the Risk

Vitamin C Halves Colds in Athletes

Shorten Duration of Sickness

Produce Banishes the Blues

Eating Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Increases Positivity

The Toxic Side of Tylenol

Risks Associated with the Pain Reliever

Sweets Sour Brain Power

Sugars Impair the Mind

Art Heartens Seniors

Gallery Visits Inspire the Elderly

Mammograms Carry Cancer Risk

Dangers of Routine Screenings

Brief Bouts of Yoga Bolster the Brain

Benefits of Mind-Body Movements
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Caring, Steering, Cheering

A personal relationship with a qualified health coach helps us keep our good-health intentions on track.

Build Your Own Wellness Dream Team

By pulling together a team of integrative practitioners customized to our individualized needs we receive the care that helps us not just survive, but thrive.
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Fit Body

Fitness à la Carte

Gyms nationwide are offering up a wide range of diverse classes, from ballet-inspired workouts to interval training, that take the routine out of exercise.
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Conscious Eating

Whole Food

Food that is whole rather than fragmented—an apple, say, rather than apple juice—provides a natural balance that satisfies both our hunger and our nutritional needs.
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Green Living

Ever-More-Green in 2014

Light bulbs, toothbrushes, slow cookers—there’s a multitude of small things we can change for a planet-friendlier lifestyle.
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Soul-Full Goals

When we get clear on how we want to feel inside, our next steps in life become more apparent.
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Healthy Kids

Label Literacy

Five Tips Help Kids Choose Healthy Foods
How to teach children to evaluate serving size, compare two products, and avoid foods with unpronounceable ingredients.
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Natural Pet

Long-Lived Pets

With holistic screenings, improved diets, supplements and early treatment of potential infections, dogs and cats can live longer, healthier lives.