Nature’s New Antibiotic

Alternative Healing

Manuka honey, from New Zealand, kills common Staphylococcus bacteria, reports a study published by the Society for General Microbiology. Staphylococcus is responsible for many infections, and scientists now hope to use this honey as a first-line treatment for bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics.

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U.S. Midlife Women Choosing Natural Health Care

More than 80 percent of midlife women reported using complementary approaches in a recent survey, with herbal teas and vitamins the top choices.

Acupuncture and Herbs Ease Delirium in Patients

Japanese cardiovascular patients admitted to an intensive care unit that received acupuncture and traditional herbal medicine daily along with conventional care had about a sixth the rate of delirium as a control group.

Massage Relieves Chronic Back Pain

Half of those with chronic back pain that participated in a study reported meaningful relief after 10 sessions of massage therapy, say Indiana University-Purdue University researchers.

Reflexology and Imagery Relieve Preoperative Anxiety

Israelis facing surgery that received reflexology massages, acupuncture and guided imagery exercises beforehand experienced a 60 percent drop in anxiety levels.

Chinese Herbs Lessen Postpartum Blues

A Chinese study pooling 47 clinical trials concluded that Chinese herbs are a safe, effective remedy that work either with antidepressants or alone.
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