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Animal Intuition

Do Pets Know What We’re Feeling?

Telepathy and intuition in humans are controversial phenomena, debated by skeptics and believers through the centuries and still studied today. Do animals, too, exhibit similar, unexplained abilities? Are they attuned to the feelings and thoughts of their human guardians? Some researchers and animal communicators—and scores of observant pet owners—believe the answer is, “Yes.”

Kim Ogden-Avrutik, animal communicator and author of Ask the Animals, satisfies her own curiosity on the subject every day during her client consultations. Says Ogden-Avrutik, “I find that animal guardians consistently demonstrate that their animal friends not only feel their emotions, but also their aches and pains.”

A female Dr. Doolittle who can cite numerous examples, she mentions in particular a client named Sandra, who felt guilty about pinning down King Tut, her little Yorkshire Terrier, during a dog show. Tut’s dog trainer had insisted Sandra needed to show the terrier “who was boss,” after he snapped at Sandra and growled at a judge.

Sandra suspected the problem was not simply a dominance issue and called Ogden-Avrutik for insight. “King Tut sent me an uncomfortable sensation in his lower back and communicated that he was in a great deal of pain then, and while he was in the show,” explains Ogden-Avrutik. “He also sent me clarification that he was afraid that the judge was going to hurt him when she ran her hands over him. He snapped at his guardian for the same reason. When I relayed the information to Sandra, she shared that she had a long-term pain exactly where Tut suffered his.”

A month later, Sandra called Ogden-Avrutik again, about Tut and an upcoming show. “She didn’t want to force him to participate if he didn’t feel well,” says Ogden-Avrutik. “I conveyed to her Tut’s message of an uncomfortable sensation in his lower left jaw, as well as pain in the left side of his middle back. Sandra responded that she had just had a root canal done in the left lower side of her jaw and added that her mid-back was hurting on the left side.”

In Ogden-Avrutik’s experience, animals can act like tiny barometers, reflecting back to us what we are most often feeling and thinking. While that insight may be comforting, it requires an awareness that transmitted emotions can be negative, as well as positive. This is why Ogden-Avrutik insists that it is important for animal guardians to be aware of their thoughts and feelings. “Leftover stress and anger from work should be checked at the door for the benefit of our beloved animal friends,” she advises.

“My goal is to heighten people’s awareness of their animals’ intelligence, sentience and compassion,” Ogden-Avrutik concludes. After all, if two closely bonded human companions can telepathically sense one another’s happiness, sorrow and physical sensations, even across the miles, why not animals?

Animal Communicator Kim Ogden-Avrutik is the author of Ask the Animals and co-creator of the Songs to Make Dogs Happy CD. She is available for long-distance consultations and can be reached at

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