Trickle-down Ecology

Green Revolution in Arkansas

National newspapers report that northwest Arkansas is conducting a huge eco-experiment that regional advocates believe will make it a Green Valley icon of sustainability. It all started when Wal-Mart—a company virtually synonymous with suburban sprawl—announced its intent to become a green enterprise. Now communities all around the giant’s Bentonville, Arkansas, headquarters are welcoming an influx of green technology start-ups and satellite offices of merchandise suppliers eager to keep up with their VIP client.

When Wal-Mart Chief Executive H. Lee Scott Jr. told hundreds of suppliers at a screening of Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth that products’ environmental impact would affect corporate purchases, the ball started to roll. A $1.5 million corporate grant to the University of Arkansas also is priming the pump through a new Applied Sustainability Center. Skeptics of the big-box retail scene hope for the best.

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Hopeful Sign

The Humane Society and other groups succeeded in lobbying Congress’s 2018 budgetary process to preserve protection for wild horses and burros, wolves and puppies in mills.

Pipeline Slowdown

The controversial Atlantic Coast Pipeline has been delayed after the builder missed a tree-cutting deadline required for bird and bat protection.

Climate Consensus

Scientists are warning that if humans don’t reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically and maintain natural carbon sinks like forests within 10 years, the impact on Earth’s climate will be catastrophic.

Big Melt

A thaw over the tip of the planet this year warmed the surface of the North Pole as high as 35 degrees—a once-rare event that has occurred during four of the last five winters.

Sinking City

By factoring in the settling of artificial landfill as water aquifers empty, scientists now estimate that 166 square miles of land around the bay is in jeopardy of being underwater by 2100.
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