Creation Care

First Eco-Friendly Bible

Thomas Nelson publishers have just released the first Bible to be printed on recycled and Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper. “The Bible is the most widely circulated book on the planet,” says Tyson Miller, director of the Green Press Initiative. “Given the Bible’s message of stewardship and the growth of the creation care movement, we hope to see other Bible and religion publishers following Thomas Nelson’s lead.”

Last year 86 evangelical leaders pledged to urge their fellow believers to join the fight against climate change. To date more than 50 religious scholars, churches and religious advocacy organizations have signed a statement on responsible paper use combined with socially responsible practices.

Thanks to the Green Press Initiative, a total of 140 U.S. book publishers, 10 printers and five paper companies have now signed environmental commitments. Even the U.S. book industry has announced its intent—not yet fully realized—to save some five million trees and 500 million pounds of greenhouse gases a year. Industry transformation is underway.

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