Aromatic Dining

The Sweet Smell of Deliciousness

Spain’s avant-garde restaurant El Bulli knows the value of using the olfactory element to enhance mindful enjoyment of good food. Home cooks can get the same effect as the chef’s special aroma-balloon at a guest table by leaving the lid on their stove pot. Lifting the top just before dining allows the aroma to escape in all its intensity at mealtime.

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Scientists Discover Alcohol-Cancer Link

British researchers have discovered why DNA mutation results from alcoholic consumption that’s linked to seven types of cancer.

Mangoes Carry Health Benefits

Two studies have found that mangoes fight inflammation and have properties useful in treating gastrointestinal disease.

Healthy Oils Improve Good Cholesterol

In separate studies, virgin coconut oil, walnut oil and camlina oil improved cholesterol levels, making them good alternatives to olive oil.

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When overweight Danes exchanged refined grain products such as white bread and pasta for whole-grain equivalents, they tended to feel full sooner, eat less, lose weight and have less inflammation.

Fruit Pesticides Lower Fertility in Women

Women undergoing fertility treatments were 18 percent less likely to become pregnant and 26 percent less likely to have a live birth if they were eating pesticide-laden produce.
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