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Lama Surya Das, on Acceptance

Lama Surya Das, on Acceptance

Its Transformative Magic Brings Inner Peace

Author Lama Surya Das talks about the transformative magic of acceptance and how it can lead to contentment and change.

Living Gratitude

Living Gratitude

A Taproot of Happiness

Gratitude can be learned easily and simply; the payoff is a warmer heart and lighter step.

Consciousness Cleanse

Consciousness Cleanse

Three Weeks to a Better Future

With this three-phase program, move away from limitations and embrace hope, excitement, possibility and purpose.

Silence Is Golden

Silence Is Golden

Five Ways to Find Healing Moments

Here’s the big idea: Noise is bad for you. Follow these tips to increase moments of silence in daily life, which will help us all feel better and live healthier.

Simple Summer Pleasures

Simple Summer Pleasures

Sweet, Easy, Perfect

Long days and languid nights are the ideal time to cultivate the art of treating ourselves to simple pleasures. Natural Awakenings publishers and contributors around the country look at summers past and present to suggest springboards to enjoyment.

Eco-Film Picks

Eco-Film Picks

Movies with a Message Worth Watching

Natural Awakenings picks five films highly favored for their clear message, entertainment value and motivating call to action.

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