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A Healing Touch

More and more people are turning to Reiki thanks to wider adoption of this method of stress reduction and healing, including in such traditional medical settings as hospitals, medical clinics and hospice programs.

Ten Healing Crystals

Ten Healing Crystals

How Natural Stones Can Support Wellness

Learn which ones crystal healing practitioners use, and why.

Five Steps to Better Health

Five Steps to Better Health

How Integrative Medicine Can Help

More money, pills and technology don’t necessarily lead to better health. Instead, an integrative approach to preventive care, alternative therapies and lifestyle changes can make health care more simple, effective and affordable for all of us.

Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy

Offers Whole-Body Detox

For the past 50 years, more than a million patients have undergone chelation therapy for a wide range of circulatory problems. Yet, at present, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration only approves the therapy for treatment of heavy metal poisoning. What do these patients know that officials have yet to understand?

West Meets East

West Meets East

More Americans Are Embracing Acupuncture

Many people have come to view eastern medicine as an avenue of preventive health care and maintenance, and are taking responsibility for their health with acupuncture.

Alternative Therapy Briefs

Acupuncture Eases Unexplained Symptoms

A Natural Alternative May Offer Relief

Acupuncture Cools Hot Flashes

Hormone-free Relief

Massage Beats Meds for Back Pain

A Drug-free Approach

Plants Help Heal

The Power of Flowers

Acupuncture Helps with Breast Cancer Treatment

Enhances the Well-being of Patients

Acupuncture in Armed Forces

Pain Relief for Wounded Troops

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