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West Meets East

West Meets East

More Americans Are Embracing Acupuncture

Many people have come to view eastern medicine as an avenue of preventive health care and maintenance, and are taking responsibility for their health with acupuncture.

Beyond AA

Beyond AA

Alternative Clinics Offer Holistic Ways To Beat Addiction

A growing number of addicts and alcoholics are turning to complementary and alternative therapies to address the physiological underpinnings of addiction.

Transforming Healthcare

Transforming Healthcare

Integrative Medicine Holds the Healing Key to Healthcare Reform

Dr. Andrew Weil is pioneering a burgeoning new kind of medicine that many insist holds the answer to our nation’s healthcare woes.

Five Steps to Better Health

Five Steps to Better Health

How Integrative Medicine Can Help

More money, pills and technology don’t necessarily lead to better health. Instead, an integrative approach to preventive care, alternative therapies and lifestyle changes can make health care more simple, effective and affordable for all of us.

Healing the Root Cause of Addiction with Ayurveda

Healing the Root Cause of Addiction with Ayurveda

A Natural Cure for Unhealthy Dependence

Yogi Amrit Desai explains how Ayurveda, a holistic health system and sister science of yoga, can help to reduce stress, a leading cause of addiction.

Alternative Therapy Briefs

Acupressure Calms Children Before Surgery

A Natural Way to Help Kids Relax

Hypnotherapy Eases Irritated Bowels

New Remedy for Sufferers of IBS

Wormwood Fights Cancer

Powerful Ancient Herb

Massage Beats Meds for Back Pain

A Drug-free Approach

Acupuncture Helps Heart Patients

A Solution for Those Suffering from Cardiac Issues

Acupuncture Helps with Breast Cancer Treatment

Enhances the Well-being of Patients

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