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The Evolution of Massage

The Evolution of Massage

Hands-On Healing Power Gains Momentum

The ancient healing practice of massage therapy is playing an important role today in the emerging golden age of complementary and alternative medicine.

Natural Awakenings’ Bodywork Guide

Natural Awakenings’ Bodywork Guide

For millennia, therapeutic touch has been used to heal the body and reduce tension. Our guide includes many of today’s better-known bodywork systems.

Rolfing Digs Deep To Restore Balance

Rolfing Digs Deep To Restore Balance

An Alternative Healing Method for the Body

Although less well known than massage, Rolfing’s ability to restore lasting balance in the body bases its rising popularity among those in search of relief from imbalances resulting from physical injury, illness and the inescapable pull of gravity.

Alternative Goes Mainstream

Alternative Goes Mainstream

Today’s Complementary Trends Support Natural Health Care

Nearly two-thirds of Americans use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies each year. These holistic approaches to health have been practiced for millennia, but with new research supporting their effectiveness, they’re now working hand-in-hand with conventional care.

Ten Healing Crystals

Ten Healing Crystals

How Natural Stones Can Support Wellness

Learn which ones crystal healing practitioners use, and why.

Alternative Therapy Briefs

Acupuncture Helps with Breast Cancer Treatment

Enhances the Well-being of Patients

Acupuncture Eases Unexplained Symptoms

A Natural Alternative May Offer Relief

Massage Beats Meds for Back Pain

A Drug-free Approach

Wormwood Fights Cancer

Powerful Ancient Herb

Acupuncture’s Growing Acceptance

Americans Open to Oriental Medicine

Plants Help Heal

The Power of Flowers

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