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Alternative Therapies

Healthful Herbs

Healthful Herbs

The People’s Medicine

Herbs, whether prepared as extracts, infusions, compresses, poultices or tinctures, are ancient remedies garnering new public favor.

Beyond AA

Beyond AA

Alternative Clinics Offer Holistic Ways To Beat Addiction

A growing number of addicts and alcoholics are turning to complementary and alternative therapies to address the physiological underpinnings of addiction.

Natural Awakenings’ Bodywork Guide

Natural Awakenings’ Bodywork Guide

For millennia, therapeutic touch has been used to heal the body and reduce tension. Our guide includes many of today’s better-known bodywork systems.



A Healing Touch

More and more people are turning to Reiki thanks to wider adoption of this method of stress reduction and healing, including in such traditional medical settings as hospitals, medical clinics and hospice programs.

Transforming Healthcare

Transforming Healthcare

Integrative Medicine Holds the Healing Key to Healthcare Reform

Dr. Andrew Weil is pioneering a burgeoning new kind of medicine that many insist holds the answer to our nation’s healthcare woes.

Alternative Therapy Briefs

Chiropractic Fast Facts

Millions are Seeking this Alternative Resource

Menopause & Depression

A Natural Cure for Menopausal Women

Relief after Surgery

Massaging can Assist the Healing Process

Wormwood Fights Cancer

Powerful Ancient Herb

ADHD Alternative

Homeopathy Fights Hyperactivity

Acupuncture Helps with Breast Cancer Treatment

Enhances the Well-being of Patients

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