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Alternative Goes Mainstream

Today’s Complementary Trends Support Natural Health Care
Nearly two-thirds of Americans use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies each year. These holistic approaches to health have been practiced for millennia, but with new research supporting their effectiveness, they’re now working hand-in-hand with conventional care.

Beyond AA

Alternative Clinics Offer Holistic Ways To Beat Addiction
A growing number of addicts and alcoholics are turning to complementary and alternative therapies to address the physiological underpinnings of addiction.

Biological Dentistry

Holistic Options to Explore Before We Open Wide
Biological dentists work closely with an array of healthcare professionals, ranging from nutritionists, chiropractors and bodyworkers to naturopaths and environmental physicians.

Bodywork Goes Mainstream

Helpful Access Points to Health
Whole-person health care, which has matured in sophistication, credibility and acceptance, embraces myriad therapies collectively known as bodywork. Explore some of the most popular of these integrative techniques, all designed to help restore health and balance.

Boning Up

Exercise Helps Maintain and Restore Bone Density
Millions of Americans either suffer from osteoporosis or have low bone mass and are at high risk for developing the disease. The main reason is simply underuse. Apply these tips to help improve your bone health.
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