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Anti-Aging Breakthroughs

Slow the Clock and Live Better and Longer
There are some new science and technologies regarding our understanding of why our brain, organs and skin age and what we can do, eat or apply to slow the process.

Anti-Aging Skincare

Turn Back the Clock with New Treatments and Breakthroughs
Look as young as you feel. Today’s woman can choose from an ever-growing collection of products and high-tech treatments to fight lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Body Wraps

Detox, Relax or Rejuvenate
Whether we elect to pamper ourselves or have someone else do it, body wraps make a fine addition to any good health regimen.

Face of Change

Why Men are Switching to Natural Skin Care
Traditionally, we think of a man’s toiletry products as a bar of soap, shaving cream and shampoo. But that’s changing. Learn what the average man’s skin care routine should consist of.

High-tech Skin Care

A Glossary of Today’s Newest Non-invasive Treatments
For those who seek to roll back the years on the face in the mirror, Natural Awakenings’ glossary of high-tech terms for facial rejuvenation serves as a handy reference in communicating with physicians, dermatologists, estheticians and health practitioners.
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Algae-Based Cosmetics May Ward Off Inflammation and Cancer

Protection for Skin Cells

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Help for Looking Younger

How Laser Heat Fights Wrinkles

Treatments for Youthful-looking Skin

Just Say No to Indoor Tanning

Melanoma Incidents are on the Rise

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Dairy Causes Break-outs

Pick a Safer Sunscreen

Online Guide Helps You Make Better Choices