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Archive »Healing Ways

Love Your Greens!

New Ways to Prepare these Nutritional Powerhouses
Ever heard of massaging kale? It’s only one of the creative ways to make greens a tasty part of a meal.
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Archive »Healthy Kids

How a Brain Grows

Five Ways to Aid Development
Try these scientifically backed tips, designed for parents and caregivers, to positively influence a child’s developing brain.
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Archive »Natural Healing

The Healing Power of Massage

From Body Repair to Reversing the Blues
Soothing away muscle pain is just the beginning. New studies show that massage also relieves a surprisingly wide range of conditions, from osteoporosis to post-operative anxiety to depression.
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Archive »Wellness and Anti-Aging

It’s All About Metabolism

Getting to the Root Cause of Disease
Doctors often reach for a prescription pad in taking an piece-by-piece approach to treatment, but the actual key to our health is a balanced, robust metabolism.
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Archive »Beauty and Skin Care

Anti-Aging Skincare

Turn Back the Clock with New Treatments and Breakthroughs
Look as young as you feel. Today’s woman can choose from an ever-growing collection of products and high-tech treatments to fight lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.
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Archive »Perfect Weight

Bye-Bye, Belly Fat

Strategies to Win the Battle of the Bulge
There’s no quick fix to shedding unwanted abdominal avoirdupois, but sound nutrition, exercise and stress management can help.
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Health Briefs

Wild Thyme Kills Breast Cancer Cells

More Than a Cooking Spice

Bugs Linked to Factory Farm Antibiotics

Cause of Most Urinary Tract Infections

Even Modest Drinking Raises Risk of Heart Disease

Alcohol Can Hinder Cardiovascular Health

Register Receipts Low Risk for BPA

Exposure Falls Within Safe Limits

Ginkgo Biloba Calms ADHD, Boosts Memory

Natural Solution for Brain Function

Meditation Minimizes Migraines

Mindfulness Reduces Episodes
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Archive »En Español

Cómo aliviar la pena

Remedios para sanar el corazón
La pena nos afecta todos.

Reforzadores de la energía

Cuatro maneras para recargarse

Todo se trata del metabolismo

Llegando a la causa de la enfermedad