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Archive »Healing Ways

Natural Mood Boosters

Safe Alternatives to Antidepressants
Non-pharmaceutical approaches have proven to be highly effective in lifting the darkness of depression without drugs’ side effects.
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Archive »Healthy Kids

How a Brain Grows

Five Ways to Aid Development
Try these scientifically backed tips, designed for parents and caregivers, to positively influence a child’s developing brain.
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Archive »Natural Healing

Rethinking Recovery

Holistic Approaches to Healing Addictions
By emphasizing nutrition, exercise, meditation and coaching, new approaches are successfully moving people off habitual drug and alcohol use.
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Archive »Wellness and Anti-Aging

Ageless Being

Staying Vibrant in Mind, Body and Spirit
By adopting simple but profound strategies, we can still feel young, vivacious and frisky as the years roll on.
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Archive »Beauty and Skin Care

Anti-Aging Skincare

Turn Back the Clock with New Treatments and Breakthroughs
Look as young as you feel. Today’s woman can choose from an ever-growing collection of products and high-tech treatments to fight lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.
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Archive »Perfect Weight

Bye-Bye, Belly Fat

Strategies to Win the Battle of the Bulge
There’s no quick fix to shedding unwanted abdominal avoirdupois, but sound nutrition, exercise and stress management can help.
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Health Briefs

Red/Purple Produce is Best for Our Weight and Heart

Choose This Color for Robust Benefits

U.S. Kids Not Drinking Enough Liquids

Children in America are Dehydrated

Brain-Lymphatic Discovery May Hasten Science

Neurological Connection to Immune System

Colon Cancer Linked to Gut Bacteria

Study Finds Connection

Non-Natural Painkillers Double Depression Risk

Opioids Affect Mental Health

Music and Audio Books Help Kids Move Past Pain

Soothing Sounds

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Archive »En Español

Formas naturales para subir el ánimo

Alternativas seguras a los antidepresivos

Escoja la felicidad

Cuatro consejos para encender el interruptor de la alegría

Siempre joven

Mantener la mente, el cuerpo y el espíritu con energía