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A Lovely Loo that’s All Green, Too

Tips for Eco-Friendly Plants, Shades and Cleaners
Low-flow faucets are just the first step in creating a green bathroom that’s squeaky-clean, luxuriously fragrant and planet-friendly.

Breathe Easy at Home

Smart Moves to Reduce Indoor Pollution
While most people are aware of outdoor pollution, they may know little about harmful air pollutants inside their home. That ignorance can have grave consequences.

Breathe Easy — It’s Green Paint

Today’s safer interior paints are durable, affordable, and less harmful to humans and the environment. When considering painting a room or two or three, today’s rainbow of more planet- and people-friendly options allows us all to breathe a little more easily.

Chemical-Free Lawns

Good for People, Pets and Nature
Pioneering communities across the U.S. are now embracing organic lawn care, creating more sustainable landscapes that benefit everyone.


Dear EarthTalk: I’m moving into a freshly painted apartment, and am curious to know whether it makes any sense to repaint the walls with non-toxic paint in hopes of “covering up” the toxic stuff already there. Or is it too late?
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Keeping Your Children Safe from Toxins

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