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A Practical Guide to Composting

Pick the Best Option for You
Always wanted to compost but unsure how? Here’s a guide to convenient choices that will make it easy to turn kitchen waste into garden gold.

Backyard Gardening

How to Get a Lot From Your Plot
Whether this is your first year growing a kitchen garden or your thumb glows green from years of use, it’s possible to quickly turn dreams of bountiful organic harvests into a reality.

Clean Composting

Turning Waste into an Asset
Turn everyday scraps into rich, fertile soil. These helpful how-tos and resources get you started.

Crops in the City

Urban Agriculture Breaks New Ground
Entrepreneurial innovators are tapping into new technologies and markets to grow fresh, healthy food within cities, turning so-called ‘mean streets’ into ‘green streets.’

Eco Yards

Turning Lawns into Native Landscapes
In all climates and terrains, native plants offer more attractive, lower maintenance, planet-friendly alternatives to monoculture turf lawns.
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Bee Aware

Lowe’s to Stop Selling Toxic Pesticides

Curbside Composting

No Food Scraps Need Go to Waste

Danger Signs

Monsanto Weed Killer Causes Animal Mutations

Flower Power

Farms Test Low-Tech Pesticide Alternative

Fragrant Fix

Smell-Based Pheromones Offer Pesticide-Free Bug Control

Fungus Among Us

Mushrooms Offer Pesticide-Free Insect Control