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A Conversation with Bill McKibben

Wisdom from Global Grassroots Movement Co-Founder

A Conversation with No Impact Man

Is "No Impact" an impossible concept? Colin Beaven shares his ideas.
From November 2006 to November 2007, New York City author Colin Beavan, his Prada-wearing wife Michelle and 18-month-old daughter, Isabella, went on a yearlong reduce-recycle-reuse odyssey to cut down on their daily ecological footprint.

Affordable Vacations

Five that Give Back
Enjoy rich experiences while cutting costs and doing good for communities here and abroad. Here are some ways to travel, get involved and avoid tourist traps while walking lightly on the Earth.

A Greener Way to Dry Clean

New Eco-Friendly Methods Help the Planet
Dry cleaning, traditionally far from green, has “cleaned up” its act with fresh, new technologies. Learn what to ask about and look for when seeking a responsible, green cleaner.

A Green Night’s Sleep for Travelers

Pioneers Show the Way to Eco-Friendly Stays
Thank goodness we’ve graduated beyond simply reusing towels. Hoteliers are going green by repurposing everything from surrounding lands to soaps, iPads, kitchen scraps and water.
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10 Tips to Green Any Vacation

Easy Eco-travel Advice

After Plastic

New Eco-Packaging Options Underway

A-Peeling Reuse

Practical Recycling Tips for Fruit and Veggie

Appliance Awareness

Home Electronics Getting Greener

Auto Immune

Toxicity Report on New Car Interiors

Autonomous Autos

Driverless Cars Promise Safety and Savings