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Airplane Yoga

Six Easy Stretches Ease the Journey
With certain movements, we can avoid the stiffness, poor circulation and swollen feet that often accompany long plane flights.

Buff and Balanced

Bodybuilders Turn to Yoga
Yoga, with its long slow stretches and inner focus, complements and balances the physical iron-pumping and competitive culture of bodybuilding.

Everyday Life Lessons from Yoga

A Conversation with Baron Baptiste
Baron Baptiste, founder of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, yoga teach, author and leader in the realm of personal transformation, talks about yoga’s life-changing benefits

Gardening Asanas

Yoga Poses to Stay Pain-Free
Overdoing garden work can produce aches and pains, but by integrating yoga positions while planting and weeding, we can emerge pain-free after hours of being on our knees and bending.

Holiday Yoga

Three Easy Poses Relieve Stress & Refresh Spirit
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Brief Bouts of Yoga Bolster the Brain

Benefits of Mind-Body Movements

Changing How Genes Respond to Stress

Meditation and Yoga Encourage the Relaxation Response

Get a Better Body Image

Viewing Yourself More Positively with Yoga

Prenatal Yoga Reduces Caesareans and Labor Pain

Helps With Smoother Deliveries

Toxic Yoga Mats

Their Dirty Little Secret

Yoga Boosts Brain Gray Matter

Regular Practice Improves Mental Health