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Be Your Kids’ Personal Trainer

Chances are, if you get up, turn off the television and embark upon a quick walk around the block, your kids will enjoy both the movement and the time spent together.

Bring on the Beat!

Workout Music Pumps up Motivation, While Building Fitness
Music is the magic that can boost our heart rate, energy levels and mood—it’s a perfect workout buddy.

Disc Golf

For Fun and Fitness
Today, disc golf is a worldwide, organized sport, with more than 2,500 dedicated outdoor courses in the US alone, complete with competitions, celebrities and fans.

Do You Parkour?

Using the World as a Fitness Playground
Vaulting in popularity, this acrobatic freerunning is spiked with somersaulting, jumping and climbing and even running up and over walls.

Good Clean Fun Water Sports

Saying No to a Wave of Trash
It’s hard to enjoy the water when it’s littered with plastic trash and other flotsam—which is why sports lovers across the country are rallying to collect floating and submerged debris.
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Do The Vacuum Boogie...

...To Boost Mental Health

Sports and Music: A Winning Combination

Crank Up the Tunes While Working Out

Sweat Can Transfer Happiness

Contagious Emotional State