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A Passion for Pedaling

Hop on a Bike and Go Lean and Green
Bicycling is far more rewarding than driving, on multiple levels—it’s economical, eco-friendly and contributes to better health and fitness. Best of all, it helps instill an appreciation of nature and inspire a sense of community.

Aquatic Fitness Fun

Solutions for Non-Swimmers
Everybody in the water! With these simple, water-based routines, you don’t need to immerse your head or move your feet from the bottom.


Let Feet Go Naked and Natural
The latest research suggests that barefoot running, when approached slowly and sensibly, may allow individuals to reach new goals.

Barre Your Way to Better Fitness

Ballet-Inspired Workouts Create Long and Lean Muscles
Imagine having a ballerina’s grace, strength and flexibility… that’s the potential of barre, which combines ballet, yoga and Pilates principles.

Be On the Ball

Putting Extra Fun into Fitness
Originally designed as toys, exercise balls are now used for everything from building core stability to helping healthcare patients regain mobility.
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Barefoot Running Improves Technique

Ditch the Shoes for Better Form

Build Muscles to Beat Diabetes

A Reason to Bulk Up

Build Muscle with Weightlifting Lite

Heavier Isn't Necessarily Better

Exercise Boosts Good Gut Bacteria

Cardio Improves Healthy Microbes

Heelless Shoes May Help Prevent Runners’ Injuries

Reduces Harm from Excessive Impact

High-Intensity Workouts May Keep People Coming Back

Irregular Exercisers Find HIIT Enjoyable