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10 Ways to Feed a Walking Habit

Keep the Health Benefits Coming
Turn your standard walk into a mini-vacation from a hectic day with these top tips to make you coming back for more.

Body Ease

Fluid, Flexible Movement Can Be Ours
Unconscious physical patterns can throw our bodies out of whack and stiffen us up, but three approaches – Alexander, Feldenkrais and Trager – offer options for easier movement.

Breathe Easier

Try These Tips for Better Workouts
Acknowledged experts offer advice on how to get the most out of every breath taken for yoga, cardio routines and strength training.

Breath-Taking Wisdom

Six Ways to Inhale Energy and Exhale Stress
Breathing with intention works to reduce stress, diminish pain and clear out mental cobwebs.


Daily Steps to Focus, Strengthen and Energize
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Daily Self-Care

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Most Walkable Cities

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