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Fit Body Briefs

Unsafe Playfields

Artificial Surfaces Pose Risks

Tai Chi Eases Effects of Chronic Disease

Patients Experience Improved Well-Being

Yoga Boosts Brain Gray Matter

Regular Practice Improves Mental Health

Daily Exercise Adds Five Years to Life

Get Moving to Reduce Risk of Early Death

To Get Healthy, Get a Healthy Partner

Achieve Optimal Results Together

Persistent Pacers

Women Marathoners Better at Maintaining Speed
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Relax and Unwind

Restorative Yoga Poses Foster Healing
If even touching our toes is too much of a stretch, restorative yoga might be a good first move. It uses pillows, blocks and blankets to support the body in deeply healthful asanas.

Just Walk

22 Minutes a Day Boosts Well-Being
The good news about walking keeps mounting: A brisk stroll reduces anxiety and depression, helps us think more clearly and fosters honest shared conversation.

Zen Golf

Master the Mind to Master the Game
More golfers are turning to meditation, breathing and visualization to keep their minds focused and free of distraction.

Buff and Balanced

Bodybuilders Turn to Yoga
Yoga, with its long slow stretches and inner focus, complements and balances the physical iron-pumping and competitive culture of bodybuilding.

Facial Fitness

Exercises to Tone Your Face and Neck
Crows’ feet and wrinkles need not mark the passage of years; just follow these easy DIY routines.

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