February 2015

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Global Briefs

Forward Leap

Pine resin and alfalfa seeds are components of a Swedish chemical product that could enable lithium-ion batteries to be recharged for a millennium.

Greenwashing Conundrum

Plastic bags are being marketed as “biodegradable” or “oxodegradable” on scant evidence, says the Federal Trade Commission.

GMO Pushback

Supporters of a law banning GMO crops on the islands of Maui, Lanai and Molokai are slugging it out in court with Monsanto and Dow.

Potent Promises

The recent carbon targets agreed upon by President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping—the leaders of the world’s two biggest economies—signal a big step forward in emissions control.

European Eco-Cooperation

Newly-emphasized threats to oceans from toxic plastic trash and rising temperatures lend urgency to an organized European effort to study and protect sea waters.

Living Together

In the last six years, twice as many countries have become more violent than those that have become more peaceful, according to the Global Peace Index.

Portable Feast

Vastly improving on pizza delivery, he latest in healthy food innovations comes from a service that delivers fresh ingredients and a half-hour recipe to our door.

Eco-Fireplace Tips

Low-emission, petroleum-free cordwood made out of compressed sawdust, nutshells and even olive pits is a good first step to ecologically sound fires.
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Health Briefs

Satisfaction with Friendship is Hard to Come By

Few are Content with Their Pals

Marriage is Good for the Heart

Couples Have Better Cardiovascular Health

Mind-Body Therapies Stimulate the Immune System

Practices that Boost Immunity

Large Study Expands View of Sodium Intake

Too Little Salt Shown to be Dangerous, Too

Calcium and Vitamin D May Help Prevent Dental Decay

Intake Linked to Healthy Teeth
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Gentling Grief

Recovering from a deep loss takes time, but we can help ourselves with strategies ranging from soothing floral remedies to petting a dog and reaching out to others.
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Fit Body

Fitness Finds

To make the right choice, take into account a health club’s location, equipment and culture—and then take it for a test drive.
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Conscious Eating

Happy Meals

With scientists finding increasing proof of what some refer to as “the brain in the belly,” it’s more obvious than ever that what we eat affects our moods.
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Green Living

Eco Feng Shui

Creating a harmonious feng shui-savvy environment means not only including decorative Earth elements but also eliminating toxins in cleaners and furniture.
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What’s in Your Way?

Dread and anxiety burden many of us today, but by turning our curiosity inward and working through fears and constrictions, we can move into a realm of daily calm and peace.

Happily Coupled

Couples that relish common interests—such as exercise, work, cooking or spirituality—tend to enjoy more stable, mutually rewarding relationships.
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Wise Words

Conscious Dating

When men and women consciously “tune in” while clicking through their choices on enlightened matchmaking sites, destiny often knocks.
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Natural Pet

When Your Pet Passes

Pets give us unstinting love, but their short life spans means they usually die ahead of us -- and then the grieving can be as deep as with a human.