February 2014

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Global Briefs

Sweet Solution

Ash from burnt sugar cane fiber added to a cement mixture makes the cement stronger and less likely to crumble, and also lowers its carbon footprint.

Loving Local

In the faceoff against online retailers, local bookstores, coffee shops and specialty food shops are doing surprisingly well.

Green Finance

“Green bonds” are being issued in Ontario to expand mass transit, part of an explosion in environmental public funding.

Wild Valentines

Gibbons, bald eagles, wolves, angelfish and other species stay partnered all their life, protecting each other and raising offspring together.

Greenwashing Watchdog

Companies that are labeling their products with phony health claims are being brought to court by the nonprofit soap maker.

Beyond Bling

Valentine Day’s jewelry can gift the Earth, too, if we bypass newly-mined metals to choose recycled, antique and heirloom jewelry.

Star Trekking

It’s not traveling at the warp-speed of Sci-Fi flicks, but after 36 years, a NASA spaceship has gone beyond the sun’s influence into unexplored territory.

Handy Curriculum

The decline in woodshop classes means that many students lack basic manual competence and don’t know how to fix things; learning how leads to jobs.

Jumpin’ Jellyfish

Up to half a million Florida swimmers are stung during jellyfish outbreaks as their numbers boom worldwide due to warming waters and declining predators.
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Health Briefs

The Whole Fish is Best for Blood Pressure

Eating Omega-3 is Better

Happy Marriage, Healthier Lives

The Positive Effect Your Spouse Can Have

Egg Whites Function Like Blood Pressure Meds

Beneficial Cardiovascular Effects

Nostalgia Arms Us for the Future

Fond Memories of Yesterdays Helps Us Cope with Today

FDA Moves to Ban Trans Fats

Bid Farewell to this Heart-Clogging Ingredient

Zinc Orchestrates Immune Response

Stops Inflammation and Infection

Early Warnings of Heart Troubles Differ for Women

Symptoms Vary by Gender

A Different Breathalyzer Test for Heart Failure

A New Way to Examine Cardiac Health
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Simple Stress Busters

Eating chocolate, walking a labyrinth, shaking loose from head to toe—what’s not to like about these easy strategies?

Rethinking Heart Health

It turns out that cholesterol counts are not as important as a low-inflammation diet and an upbeat attitude.
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Fit Body

Cycles of Spin

Spinning, which originally combined a Zen-like cycling state and high-octane workout, may be cycling back to its roots.
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Conscious Eating

Chocolate as Health Food

The darker the chocolate, the better the benefits, including lower blood pressure, better vascular dilation and a healthier Body-Mass-Index.
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Green Living

Home Safe Home

Ridding our homes of toxins is an essential step in creating spiritual, mental and physical harmony in our lives.
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Healing Hurt

Four simple phrases help us to forgive others, release heartfelt pain and move on with our lives.
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Wise Words

Love Magnet

The bestselling author offers four steps to help us overcome unconscious personal barriers to finding our soulmate.
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Healthy Kids

Quiet Kids in a Noisy World

Bringing Out the Best in Introverts
In helping quiet kids navigate our extroverted culture, we encourage their inborn creativity and empathy.
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Natural Pet

Cardiac Care for Pets

An early diagnosis and three effective supplements can boost the heart health of beloved cats and dogs.