February 2012

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Global Briefs

Green Laundry List

These tips for clean, green wash days are easy on the pocketbook and planet.

Crucial Shareware

Low Tech

A Silicon Valley Waldorf school eschews computers, saying they inhibit creativity.

Blogging News

A majority of American teens say their peers are mostly being kind to one another on social networking sites.

Natural Wonders

A new international analysis confirms the crucial role that virgin forests play in conserving the natural world and maintaining biodiversity.

Big Book

The vastly expanded Encyclopedia of Life offers information on more than one-third of all known species on Earth, including hundreds of thousands of images and videos.

Vanishing Species

Scientists theorize that as many as 86 percent of Earth’s species are still unknown, and millions of organisms will remain undiscovered as extinctions accelerate worldwide at 10 to 100 times their natural rate.
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Health Briefs

Vitamin C Helps Us See

Tip for Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

Regular Bedtimes Make Kids Smarter

The Key to Developmentally Excelling

Alcohol Impairs Recovery from Illness

Think Twice Before Downing a Hot Toddy

Potassium Protects the Heart

Take in More for Better Cardiac Health

Does Yawning Cool the Brain?

It Doesn't Just Mean You're Bored

Seaweed Loves the Heart

A Rich Source of Heart-Healthy Goodness

Meditation Boosts Brain Power

Slow Down Mental Deterioration
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How Can We All Get Along?

Whether we experience a minor disagreement at home, a workplace quarrel or a complicated political dispute, the process of working through a conflict can leave us feeling stronger and improve our relationships.

How a Brain Grows

Try these scientifically backed tips, designed for parents and caregivers, to positively influence a child’s developing brain.

A Brain-Building Blueprint

The experts agree: We can do things throughout our lifetime that work to maintain the bulk and function of the brain. Use their advice to challenge and strengthen your own “little grey cells.”
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Fit Body

Exercise to Beat the Blues

During winter, we tend to feel sluggish, fatigued and blue. Getting off the couch and becoming active is the best natural antidote.
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Conscious Eating

Improve Your Snooze

Can what we eat help us enjoy better sleep? Yes, says our panel of experts—see which foods, drinks and supplements they recommend to ease your zzz’s.
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Green Living

Eat Plastic-Free

Plastic containers for food and drinks often contain unhealthy chemicals that contribute to toxic buildups in our bodies and landfills. Try these practical ways to avoid using them.
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Wise Words

The Benefits of Burnout

Psychologist Joan Borysenko, the author of Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive, suggests that we view burnout as an invitation to a more authentic life.
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Healthy Kids

How a Brain Grows

Five Ways to Aid Development
Try these scientifically backed tips, designed for parents and caregivers, to positively influence a child’s developing brain.
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Natural Pet

Pint-Sized Pets

Whether they crawl, swim, hop or fly, speak, make other sounds or stay silent, many small wonders can make ideal pets.