Paradigm Shift of the Heart

A Study of Near-Death Experiences

After 10 years of studying near-death experiences, Dutch cardiologist Pim van Lommel concluded that “Nearly every near-death experience goes hand-in-hand with a life review, during which people gain insight into the consequences of their actions.”

This international authority on near-death experiences observes that once back, people immediately make calls to apologize for something they did even decades before. His research shows the deep level at which people are connected and underscores the importance of maintaining healthy, caring relationships with those around us. If everyone saw this, Van Lommel says, we would live more compassionate lives and societies would look different.

“The life review people experience changes their values. They feel they are one with nature and the Earth and that there is no difference between others and themselves. They’ve seen that it’s not about power, appearance, nice cars, clothes or having a young body. It’s about entirely different things: love for yourself, nature and your fellow human beings.”

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