A Truly Sweet Heart

5 Steps to Lower Your Cholesterol

Dr. Weil offers a handful of do-able tips to treat our own sweet heart right by cutting out bad cholesterol and pumping up goodness at mealtime. Courting our own health means reducing intake of the saturated fat prevalent in red meat and diary foods. Instead substitute soy protein for animal protein and prefer low- or non-fat dairy. Too it means avoiding trans fat, often labeled “partially hydrogenated oil,” altogether by choosing baked or air-popped snack foods. We love our heart best by drinking green tea daily, regularly using fresh garlic in recipes and eating plenty of fiber. Weil’s favorite fiber foods include bran, oats, barley, freshly ground flaxseed plus peas, carrots and citrus fruits.

Source: www.DrWeil.com

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Fiber Lowers Blood Sugar

A diet high in diverse fibers lowered blood sugar levels to normal for 89 percent of diabetes patients in a Rutgers University study.

Eating Apples and Tomatoes Repairs Lungs

Fresh tomatoes and fruit, especially apples, help heal damaged lungs of ex-smokers and can slow the natural decline of lung function that typically occurs after age 30.

Gooseberries are Good for the Gut

Malaysian subjects with gastrointestinal problems had less pain, vomiting and sleep loss when receiving an ayurvedic remedy known as Indian gooseberry.

Chocolate and Olive Oil Help Heart Health

Italians eating dark chocolate combined with olive oil had lower cholesterol and blood pressure in just 28 days.

Lutein in Greens and Eggs Slows Cognitive Aging

In a University of Illinois study, adults that ate large amounts of leafy greens, avocados and eggs had levels of lutein, a brain and eye nutrient, on par with younger people.
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