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10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Flavorful Ways to Lower Disease Risk
When inflammation becomes a chronic condition—a common state today—certain foods can lower its disease-causing potential.

Berry Good

Reap Big Benefits from Summer’s Tiny Gems
Full of flavor and flavonoids, each type of berry offers a particular health protection.

Edible Hormones

Health Support for Women
Eating appropriately nutritious foods is a natural way to balance hormones that helps relieve symptoms of menopause, protect against breast cancer and preserve bone health. These four powerhouse foods top the drug-free approach.

Foods for Ageless Beauty

Nourishing Skin from Inside and Out
Studies tell us that skin can absorb up to 60 percent of what we apply to it. So, feeding skin high-quality nutrients may be as important as the foods we eat.

Foods that Feed Our Follicles

Experts say that including certain nutrients in our diet can help prevent, and even reverse, hair loss.
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A Crush on Garlic

Heart-Healthy Advantages to Crushed Garlic

Aloe Vera Juice Allays Diabetes

Reduces Fasting Blood Glucose

An Avocado a Day Keeps Bad Cholesterol Away

Reduces Risk of Artery Hardening

Antioxidant-Rich Berries Thwart Alzheimer’s

Berry Good for the Mind

Artichoke Power

Natural Way to Lower Cholesterol

Asparagus Aphrodisiac

The 19th-century French Were on to Something