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America’s Growing Food Revolution

America’s Growing Food Revolution

An Insider’s Guide to Sustainable Choices

We’re waking up to the need to make eco-wise choices about the food we grow and eat. But, is it better to buy local, organic or natural? Is shopping at a farmers’ market more green? Here’s a comprehensive insider’s guide to sustainable choices.

On the Road Without Weight Gain

On the Road Without Weight Gain

How to Eat Healthy, Away From Home

Follow these tips from seasoned registered dietitians to feel fit, trim and happy while out and about for business or pleasure.

Backyard Chickens

Backyard Chickens

The People’s Choice for Fresh Healthy Eggs

Raising chickens offers plenty to crow about: fresh, healthy eggs; increased self-sufficiency; and humane treatment for these easy-to-care-for feathered friends.

Changing the Way America Eats

Changing the Way America Eats

Nourishing the Shift to Farm-Fresh Foods

Farmers’ markets and other resources and initiatives for locally sourced, organically grown food are sprouting up everywhere in the nation, as communities embrace the health and budget benefits of “going local.”

Sustainable Home Cooking

Sustainable Home Cooking

Ten Reasons to Take Back the Plate

There are many incentives to making healthy home-cooked meals using sustainable, local food.

School Lunch Program

School Lunch Program

A Prime Opportunity to Serve Up Improvements

Our education system has traditionally held that reading, math, science and English classes form basic building blocks for success. But what lessons are our children learning daily in their school cafeteria? Good food advocates would like to see mandatory funding for Farm to School programs.

Eat Local Briefs

Locavore Aid

A Handy Atlas for Eating Local

Freebie Fruit

Online Mapping Points the Way

More Americans are Eating Fresh

Good News About Our Food Consumption

Good Food

New Bill Favors Organic Farming

Farm Relief

FDA Wakens to Local Needs

Savvy Switch

Why Tap Water is a Better Choice

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