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Archive »Natural Nutrition

Milk Minus the Moo

Evaluating Alternatives to Dairy
Soy, rice, hemp, almond, coconut—with so many plant options to cow milk available we need a guide to the pros and cons of each.
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Archive »Food As Medicine

Manly Foods

Boost Testosterone with the Right Choices
When men eat certain foods from lean meat and nuts to cabbage and strawberries, their bodies naturally produce more male hormone, lowering the odds of infertility and impotence.
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Archive »Eat Local

Veggie Nation Revolution

The food we eat enormously affects our climate, water and soil—and we can have a say in whether our food is produced and distributed in a way that benefits us all.
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Archive »Healthy Recipes

Healthy Holiday Libations

Restorative Drinks Revive Good Cheer
If holidays leave us feeling stressed, hung over or sniffle-prone, sipping a healthy drink can revive body and spirit.
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Eat Well Briefs

Drinking More Water Improves Food Intake

Impacts Overall Calories and Nutritional Value

Sage Linked to Cognitive Health

Helps to Preserve Mental Function


Phasing Out Plastic Film Food Wrappers

Growing Organics

Toxin-Free Farmlands Rise to 4.1 Million Acres

No Benefit to Cutting Fat in Cheese

Does Not Affect Cholesterol Levels

The Five-Second Rule Debunked

Researchers Disprove the Thought

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Archive »En Español

Leche pero no de vaca

Evaluando otras alternativas

Consejo de expertos sobre los huevos

Cómo comprar buenos huevos de gallinas felices

Visto bueno para las grasas

La grasa saludable no engorda

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