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Archive »Natural Nutrition

Born to Eat Wild

Why Ancestral Diets Boost Health
The hunter-gatherers that preceded us ate healthier wild foods that tasted bitter, astringent, sour and earthy rather than blandly sweet like today’s fruits and vegetables.
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Archive »Food As Medicine

Manly Foods

Boost Testosterone with the Right Choices
When men eat certain foods from lean meat and nuts to cabbage and strawberries, their bodies naturally produce more male hormone, lowering the odds of infertility and impotence.
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Archive »Eat Local

Veggie Nation Revolution

The food we eat enormously affects our climate, water and soil—and we can have a say in whether our food is produced and distributed in a way that benefits us all.
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Archive »Healthy Recipes

Vegan Lunchbox

Plant-Based Choices Provide Midday Boost
Those curious about veganism can try switching to a plant-based diet just for lunches—and see what kinds of differences follow.
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Eat Well Briefs

Organic Rally

October is Non-GMO Month

Black Raspberries Bolster Heart Health

Decrease Artery Stiffness and Repair Blood Vessels

Vitamin C-Rich Produce Guards Against Cataracts

Certain Foods Provide Vision Protection

Lying Labels

New Term Disguises High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Healing Recipe

Cooking May Be the Future of Medicine

Grape Juice Boosts Memory and Driving Skills

Benefits of Polyphenols

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Archive »En Español

Nacidos para la alimentación natural

Por qué las dietas ancestrales mejoran la salud

Lonchera vegana

Las selecciones a base de plantas nos dan un estímulo al mediodía

Una buena batalla por los alimentos

Manteniendo la comida fuera del contenedor de la basura

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