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Archive »Natural Nutrition

Eating Skinny

Why Vegans and Vegetarians are Naturally Trim
Diet fads come and go, but one fact remains: Eating more veggies is a sure route to weight control.
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Archive »Food As Medicine

Happy Meals

Eating Healthy Foods Fights Off Depression
With scientists finding increasing proof of what some refer to as “the brain in the belly,” it’s more obvious than ever that what we eat affects our moods.
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Archive »Eat Local

The Food Artisans Next Door

Homemade Delicacies, Direct from Our Neighbors
The passage of “cottage-food laws” in 42 states now means we can cook many types of food and sell it from our homes—or buy it directly from the great cook down the street.
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Archive »Healthy Recipes

Happy Feasting to All

Tasty Rituals that Deepen the Holiday Spirit
Holiday celebrations, huge tables of food, and weight gain seem to go hand-in-hand, but there are fun, creative ways to prepare holiday food that add meaning rather than pounds.
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Eat Well Briefs

Strawberries Reduce Blood Pressure

Lower Levels Through Fruit Consumption

Olive Oil Boosts Healthy Cholesterol

Good for the Heart

Salty Harvest

Seaweed May Be the New Lettuce

Wild Thyme Kills Breast Cancer Cells

More Than a Cooking Spice

Bugs Linked to Factory Farm Antibiotics

Cause of Most Urinary Tract Infections

Even Modest Drinking Raises Risk of Heart Disease

Alcohol Can Hinder Cardiovascular Health
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Archive »En Español

Comiendo para el control de peso

Por qué los veganos y los vegetarianos son naturalmente esbeltos

Los artesanos de alimentos cerca de nosotros

Delicias caseras directas de nuestros vecinos
Los vecinos en la mayoría de los estados pueden ahora comprar legalmente pan fresco, galletas y conservas de los artesanos de alimentos locales.

La nueva cocina saludable

Lista para comer
Desde cenas en restaurantes caros a lugares de comida rápida, camiones de comida y máquinas expendedoras, ahora tenemos aún más opciones para alimentos frescos, de estación, orgánicos, locales y sostenibles para una nutrición sabrosa cuando estamos fuera de casa.
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Flexing Our Muscles

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Moving Beyond Survival

Surviving a disease or crisis is something to be proud of, but we aren’t honoring the whole of who we are if it’s the primary way we identify our self.