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Archive »Natural Nutrition

Foods Our Heart Will Love

Top 10 Heart Healthy Choices
Yum! The perfect Valentine Day’s meal can easily include the healthiest foods for our hearts—starting with dark chocolate!
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Archive »Food As Medicine

Spice Up Healthy Cooking

Six Seasonings with Surprising Payoffs
These sensational spices not only give oomph to our food but also reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and soothe upset stomachs.
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Archive »Eat Local

Feast in the Fields

The Rise of Pop-Up Organic Dining
What better way to eat organic than by sitting at a table on the farm, eating just-picked produce prepared by creative local chefs?
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Archive »Healthy Recipes

The World’s Healthiest Cuisines

What Five Countries Can Teach Us about Good Eating
Step aside, pizza and chop suey! These five authentic ethnic cuisines offer the real thing— traditional food that’s healthy, tasty and easy to prepare in our own kitchen.
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Eat Well Briefs

Leafy Greens Lower Risk for Heart Disease

Vitamin K for Cardiovascular Health

Gooseberries are Good for the Gut

Ayurvedic Remedy for Gastrointestinal Problems

Eating Meat Raises Diabetes Risk

Increases Chance of Developing Type 2

Veggie Renaissance

Brits Cutting Back on Meat Eating

Big Breakfast, Lower Body Mass

Eat More in the Morning, Less at Dinnertime

Chocolate and Olive Oil Help Heart Health

Combination Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

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Archive »En Español

El resurgimiento de los alimentos fermentados

Redescubra los alimentos ricos en probióticos

Fabulosa fanfarria

Comidas saludables para celebrar antes del partido de tu equipo favorito

Fiesta en los campos

El boom de las comidas orgánicas en las granjas

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