December 2014

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Global Briefs

Planet Power

A device being developed at Harvard with the aid of new technology and man-made materials could tap the planet’s infrared emissions as a direct source of DC current.

Bamboo Bamboozle

Most so-called bamboo clothing is rayon, manufactured with harsh chemicals and unworthy of the “green” label.

Green Envy

In a recent survey, people of both high and low income levels fared pretty much the same in such measures of altruism such as doing and returning favors, sympathy and empathy.

Feeding Hope

A new program initiated by college students recognizes with a door sticker those restaurants that donate unsold food to homeless shelters.

Cultural Roots

Sixty-seven countries are considered more religiously diverse than the U.S., according to the latest Pew Research Center study.

Bye-Bye Birdie

Although the number of coastal and wetland birds are finally on the upswing, many of the nation’s bird species are struggling for survival.

Tweet Treats

Garnishing outdoor trees with edibles for birds helps them thrive through the cold winter.

Youth Activists

The World Peace Caravan is a global peace movement scheduled to conduct a 12-day camel caravan from Petra, Jordan, to Jerusalem, Israel
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Health Briefs

Mistletoe Extract Benefits Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Natural Alternative Increases Survival Rate

Cell Phones and Router Microwaves Stress Plants

Radiation Effects on Greenery

Hospice Care Adds Months for Cancer Patients

End-of-Life Care Extends Survival Time

Hip Fractures Decrease on Weekends and Holy Days

Injuries More Common During Specific Times

Calcium Supplements Raise Risk of Brain Lesions

Increases Chances of Hyperintensities on MRIs

Knotweed and Hawthorn Outperform Lovastatin in Trial

Herbal Extracts Outdo Pharmaceutical Drug
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Singing the World Awake

Psychologist and musician Tom Kenyon shows us to how transform ourselves and the world by embracing sounds pitched to divine harmonies.
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Fit Body

Find Your Fitness Style

When it comes to fitness, one size doesn’t fit all. Which of these six personality types are you—and how might you adapt your routine so you happily get regular exercise?
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Conscious Eating

Happy Feasting to All

Holiday celebrations, huge tables of food, and weight gain seem to go hand-in-hand, but there are fun, creative ways to prepare holiday food that add meaning rather than pounds.
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Green Living

Toxin-Free Beauty Salons

Nail polish, hair dyes and hair straighteners are typically loaded with toxic chemicals, but there are healthier alternatives.
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Hymn to Living in Silence

When we embrace silence rather than the chatter of humanity’s mental noise, realms of love and freedom open up to us.

Sacred Activism

By combining our love for the Divine with a passion for positive change, we can better the planet a step at a time.
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Wise Words

Opening Up to Miracles

By shifting our perceptions and making different choices, we can attract to us healthier relationships with both people and money.
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Healthy Kids

Can-Do Kids

Changing Our World at Any Age
Children of all ages can learn the joy of giving and sharing by acting on these simple ideas.
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Natural Pet

Pet Bed-Buddies

Having Fido or Kitty in our bed comforts many of us, but can sometimes cost a good night’s rest.