December 2013

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Global Briefs

Standard Returns

An online barter currency called the Terra could help reverse the booms and busts of the international business cycle.

Genuinely Greenwashed

Hidden tradeoffs, outright fibs and more good reasons to look twice at “green” claims before plunking down our money.

Arctic Rescue

The Nordic republic leads the way to protect the fragile Arctic environment from destructive drilling and oil spills.

Power Walking

A battery charger that feels like a cushy insole can generate enough power in 2.5 miles of walking to charge an iPhone.

Family Games Generate Goodwill All Year

With novel online approaches, we can have fun together while donating rice, preserving waterways, and farming a virtual plot in Africa.

Sustainable Solutions

A $2 million prize is being offered to whoever invents the best instruments for monitoring and sustaining ocean health.

Escalating Thirst

Too many trees per acre makes trees more prone to drought, hinders native species, and endangers wildlife habitats.

Intuitive Generosity

When encouraged to make a quick decision, study participants were more likely to contribute to the common good than to hoard money for themselves.

Tagging Toxins

A new web site offers up-to-date information on toxic chemicals that might be lurking in food, baby products, furniture and other items we buy.
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Health Briefs

Cocoa Calms Inflammation

A Winter Favorite has Healthy Benefits

Meditation Helps Heal Traumatized Veterans

Natural Relief for Post-Traumatic Stress

Sprinkle Cinnamon to Avert Alzheimer’s

Add Some Spice for Brain Protection

To Get More, Give More

Boost Personal Wealth through Generosity

Cranberries Support Healthy Circulation

Drink Up to Lower Blood Pressure

Button Batteries Imperil Bambinos

Caution to Parents
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‘Tis the Season to Be Wise

A dip in temperature signals our body to slow down while our brain reboots for a new round of activity.
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Fit Body

Too Much Togetherness?

Of course, we love our families—but sometimes during the intense intimacy holidays bring we need to a way to jog or exercise the stress away.
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Conscious Eating

Peace on Our Plates

By shifting our diets from factory-farmed animal products to plants, we lower environmental costs and aggressive behaviors.
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Green Living

Green Merry Making

A few simple tweaks can make our holiday celebrations more fun for the family and more friendly for the planet.
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Near Death Experiences

An astonishing 8 million Americans have been resuscitated after ‘death,’ and once they have experienced the purity of higher consciousness, their lives are never the same again.

Be Happy Right Now

By being true to ourselves, expressing our feelings and laughing with gusto, we can avoid heartbreakingly common end-of-life regrets.
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Wise Words

Humanity’s Eternal Quest

Personal peace can be attained here and now—and we don’t have to meditate 30,000 hours to tap into it.
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Healthy Kids

Sweet Slumber

Co-Sleeping in the Family Bed
Family bed-sharing is a way of life in many cultures worldwide that improves sleep, builds bonds, enables breastfeeding, and nurtures happiness in kids.
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Natural Pet

Pet First-Aid Kits

If a cat or dog feels under the weather or is injured, surprisingly fast fixes are as close as the pantry.