December 2009

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Global Briefs

Santa’s Reindeer

Disruptions in climate and its consequences in diminishing food sources and rising pest populations are believed to be behind precipitous drops of caribou herds.

We Care

A website is providing shoppers access to 800 retailers online, and then lets them donate a percentage of their purchase to their favorite charity at no cost to them.


Choosing to sip boxed wine saves half the shipping weight, avoids the environmental impact of glass manufacturing and keeps the product fresher longer.

World Watch

Barack Obama is now just the third sitting American president to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
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Health Briefs

A Healthy Glow

Burn Earth-friendly Candles

Frankincense A Wise Man's Remedy

Herb Shows Promising Natural Healing Potential

Ten Things Missing from Health Care Reform Debate

A Look at the Real Issues Facing Our Nation's Health

Radical Transparency

GoodGuide Rates Consumer Products

Healthy Playthings

EcoLogo Program Will Extend to Toys Next Christmas
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Radically Clear Skin

Forget the needle, scalpel and expensive potions. Whether it’s wrinkles, pimples, dryness or irritation that is giving you trouble, health experts say the true path to clear, youthful-looking skin runs straight through the grocery aisle.

Healing Rituals Around the World

Many of today’s healing rituals share a vital component. Each has a firm foundation in an ancient, respected healing modality that’s recently made its way back into our collective awareness.
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Fit Body

Bring on the Beat!

Music is the magic that can boost our heart rate, energy levels and mood—it’s a perfect workout buddy.
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Healthy Kids

Sniffle Patrol

Easy Tips to Keep Kids Healthy This Winter
With the FDA’s recent warnings about the safety of over-the-counter cold medicines for children, many parents are looking for new ways to find relief. Here is a rundown of some of safest and most effective alternatives.
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Natural Pet

Three Dog Night

Giving pets bed privileges is an age-old issue, with convincing arguments on both sides. Discover the many pros and cons to having a pet as a sleeping companion.