Green Holiday

Rapping on Wrapping

This year many green folk, recalling garbage bags from past Christmases stuffed with mounds of wrapping paper and ribbon, will opt for alternatives, such as reusable fabric covers, Sunday funnies and old road maps topped by natural accents like pine cones. But some, like Heather Lionette, of Boston, are taking this waste-reducing idea a step further: They’re not wrapping gifts at all.

Lionette says she may just put some presents under the tree Christmas morning and heighten the surprise by creating a scavenger hunt for her young son. She muses that the experience may even contribute to his fledgling environmentalism. She also reports that she’s received positive reactions to her au naturel presentation ideas from friends and family.

Children are used to hunting for things at Easter, and advocates suggest that when little ones grow up without the tradition of holiday wrapping paper, it will be the genesis of a new tradition.

“Wrapping paper for the typical child is just an impediment to getting what is underneath,” advises Bob Lillenfeld, author of Use Less Stuff. “There’s no need for fancy bows and expensive paper for kids.”

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

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