Clean Food for Kids

Help for Hyperactive Children

Clean food could be the answer to helping hyperactive children. Eliminating artificial color additives and preservatives from the diets of children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) should be considered part of the standard treatment, counsels a 2008 editorial in the British Medical Journal.

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Energy Drinks Hurt Youth Health

Over half of teenagers that have consumed energy drinks report experiencing nausea, increased heartbeat and other negative health consequences.

High-Fat Diet Risks Multiple Sclerosis Relapse

Eating a high-fat diet increases the risk of multiple sclerosis relapse in children by as much as 56 percent, while each additional cup of weekly vegetables cuts the risk by 50 percent.

Drinking Cow’s Milk While Nursing Linked to Infant Eczema

In Thai and British studies, the babies of women that drank cow milk while breastfeeding were much more likely to have skin allergies.

Drinks Tied to Tooth Trouble

Sports and energy drinks may cause irreversible damage to teeth, especially among adolescents.

Diet at Puberty Linked to Breast Health

Girls who eat a high-fat diet may be at greater risk for developing breast cancer.
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