A Conversation with Masaru Emoto

International Speaker and Author

“After my colleagues and I saw how water reacted to various originating environmental conditions, pollution and music, we decided to explore how our thoughts and words could affect the formation of untreated and distilled water crystals.”

Masaru Emoto’s innovative research captures frozen water crystals from water sources around the world in photographs that present an intriguing glimpse into what he believes is the mysterious response of water to thoughts, words, music and pictures. His 2004 book, The Hidden Messages in Water, was a New York Times bestseller. He conducts seminars throughout the world about the importance, understanding and appreciation of water.

Tell us about your Emoto Peace Project.

The idea for the Emoto Peace Project came to me in May 2005, while I was at the United Nations. One of the topics discussed during the UN’s initiative, “International Decade for Action: Water for Life, 2005-2015,” highlighted how education has not conveyed water’s importance to all children globally. As a result, I decided to carry the message through my 32-page children’s picture book, which is being distributed at no cost through my website throughout the decade.

To date, The Message from Water: Children’s Version has been translated into 16 languages. I am working to get the book published in more languages and distributed through schools. However, to effect wider distribution, I believe that more leaders in education must themselves first take an interest in the “messages” from water—the graphic demonstrations of how the molecular changes in the structure of water are affected by energy vibrations, thoughts, words, ideas, music and the water’s surrounding environment.

I hope that this book will play a leading role in bringing peace to the world. I may be one man, who alone cannot change the whole world, but I can deliver a message to help change it. I believe that The Message from Water has the power to effect change by informing individuals that through thinking, speaking and acting with the intention of instilling peace with respect to water, water can and will bring peace to our bodies and to the world.Water the film

Can you explain how you made these discoveries?

I had been visually documenting molecular changes in water by freezing droplets and then examining them under a microscope with photographic capabilities. I discovered that when droplets from pristine mountain springs and streams were frozen and photographed, beautifully formed geometric designs appeared in their crystalline patterns. The opposite occurred when droplets of polluted and toxic water from industrial and populated areas or stagnated water from water pipes and storage dams were frozen and examined. These revealed distorted and randomly formed crystalline structures.

After my colleagues and I saw how water reacted to various originating environmental conditions, pollution and music, we decided to explore how our thoughts and words could affect the formation of untreated and distilled water crystals. We chose several individual words, typed each onto a piece of paper and then taped the papers onto glass bottles, which sat overnight. The next day, we froze and photographed sample water droplets. We saw incredible reflections of these influences on the water in those photographs. The water was alive and highly responsive to every one of our emotions and thoughts.

We must think in terms of vibrations to understand this. Everything that exists has a vibration. Water can be imprinted with vibrations. Many individuals are surprised to learn that spoken and written words also have vibrations. For example, beautiful words like love and gratitude have clear vibrations, while negative words have ugly, incoherent vibrations, which either create large distorted clusters or will not form clusters at all.

How has this work affected your life?

Message From Water Children's VersionI am excited to see my messages about water included in the new movie, Water, which features other discoveries by researchers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Israel, the United States, Britain, Austria, Japan, Argentina, China and Tibet. The research that led to many of the scientific discoveries demonstrated in the movie suggests that water has phenomenal implicit and explicit properties. It is even able to convey messages faster than light.

Through this work, which still delights me, I find that although I am 65 years old, I still have the fresh perspective that helps me see the world through the eyes of a child.

What do you believe is the most vital message that water conveys to humanity?

The most significant messages are so simple. We must all show our appreciation to water, using the powerful words love and gratitude. It is our thoughts, words and deeds of love and gratitude that will save our planet.

For information on Masaru Emoto, the Emoto Peace Project and his book, The Message from Water: Children’s Version, visit Masaru-Emoto.net (click English) or www.EmotoProject.org.

 For information on the film, Water, visit www.IntentionMediaInc.com/water.php.

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