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Honoring Earth Day

Honoring Earth Day

Go Green at Parks and Other Community Events

This year’s National Park Week, from April 20 to 28, centered around Earth Day, offers free admission to all 398 national parks from April 22 to 26. Earth Day’s 43rd anniversary celebrations include a host of local events to help citizens of all ages join in the next “billion acts of green,” aligned with the theme: The Face of Climate Change.

Shaping the Future We Want

Shaping the Future We Want

Global Commitments to Catalyze Change

Grassroots movements and global conferences such as this year’s Earth Summit, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, offer new thinking, strategies and commitments to catalyze change and ensure prosperity without depleting resources.

Transition Towns

Transition Towns

Climate Friendly Communities

While the government dithers about climate change, more and more neighborhoods are making the transition to becoming low-impact communities.

Environment Briefs

Frack Attack

Controversial Drilling Threatens Pacific Ocean

Genetically Engineered Crops Rife With Pesticides

Pounds of Poison

Solar Boost

Sunshine State Breaks Ground on Big Solar Plant

Guiding Light

South Pole Ozone Hole has Stabilized

Trees are Trying

Forests Have Limited Powers to Save Us

Deep Impact

Humans Assail the Seven Seas

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