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Awakening Consciousness

Awakening Consciousness

Bold New Visions for Us, the Earth and the Universe

Today’s technologies help us create instance communications that span continents, cross cultural barriers and bridge political divides. These forged connections weave us all together. Now, inspired organizations are deftly exploring, encouraging and researching the global awakening that accompanies them.

Connecting Kids to Community

Connecting Kids to Community

Getting Youth Involved in a Good Cause

Before scheduling after-school soccer practice or cheerleading, why not consider committing to a different kind of extracurricular activity: community outreach.

It’s All About We

It’s All About We

Conscious Evolution: Why We’re Better Together

Replacing the “I win, you lose” paradigm is a new “Me-We” way of thinking that now informs everything from enlightened environmental stewardship to economics, as well as health and spiritual well-being.

Living Art

Living Art

Creativity Inspires Community

Everywhere in the U.S., people are gathering for artful togetherness--cooking or painting, storytelling or gardening, drumming or dancing. These initiatives can transform a city or neighborhood's well-being on multiple levels.

Living in Community

Living in Community

A Conversation with Diana Leafe Christian on Practical Co-Housing

Living in community allows you to grow as a person and learn what you are really like, from the perspectives of others who are willing to give feedback and appreciation.

Sharing Our World

Sharing Our World

Simply Sharing Can Solve Big Challenges

The mindset of sharing and collaboration may be the answer to some of today’s biggest questions and challenges.

Community Building Briefs

Staying Real

Community Banking Expands to Meet Demand

Happiness Index

Social Progress a New Standard of National Wealth


Devoting Idle Moments to Good Deeds

Emerging Hope

World Forum Supports a New Humanity

Banking Freedom

Loan Alternatives Emerging Worldwide

Peace Index

States Earn New Peace Index

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