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One-Year Shamanic Medicine Program


Oct 14, 2017
12:00 PM until 06:00 PM


One-Year Shamanic Medicine Program

Part One: The Transformation

With Denise A. Saracco, Medicine Woman, OM, LMT

Beginning October 14, 2017


*Applications for entrance into this program can be obtained by contacting Denise Saracco at or phone/text at 862-268-3213.  All applications must be received no later than October 7, 2017.  A mandatory 30-minute interview will be scheduled with all applicants either in person or over the phone at a time convenient for all parties.  This is to be sure the applicant and the program are in harmony.*


Imagine a time when there is a need for Healing to occur for yourself.  A deep, confusing mix of emotions and thoughts surround the wound.  It’s systemic and palpable and affecting you on many levels.  How do you help yourself?  How can you help another moving through a crisis?  How can you set the stage for transformation to occur within yourself or another?


During this intense experiential Shamanic Medicine program, you will learn how to set the stage for Transformation to occur for not just yourself, but others and the Earth as well.  This year-long mentorship journey will require you to look deeply within yourself, partner with some very powerful, ancient Spirit Helpers, and re-birth yourself via initiatory experiences into your personal Truth.  


We will also explore how the Sacred is seen and worked with from various different cultures including Mayan, Peruvian, Lakota, Ancient Egyptian, Celtic, Siberian, Christian, and more. 


During the year-long Medicine Journey, we will explore the following topics intimately:

•    The Shamanic Journey – how to access the Spirit World and your Helping Guides for healing, insight, and more.

•    Transformational Tools – Medicine techniques you will learn and apply to yourself and others to set the stage for Transformation 

•    Heart Medicine – how to open to Love deeply, healing surrounding the giving and receiving of Love, and the Transformational Power of Heart Medicine for yourself and others

•    Fire Medicine – Bringing in the Light to dispel darkness, illusion, and fear for yourself and others

•    Water Medicine – Using flower water ceremonies to assist with grief, loss, fear, and much more

•    Divination Tools – various techniques to facilitate the opening of messages from Spirit for healing, insight, and transformation

•    Crossing Over Ceremony – an in-depth look at suffering spirits and how to create a sacred space for their healing and transformation


Homework and exercises will be assigned on both a group level and individual level.  This is a necessary and ancillary part of the course.  The individual homework is provided on an as-needed basis for your personal growth and evolution within the program.


We will meet in person once a month typically on the second Saturday of each month beginning at 12 Noon and ending around 6pm.  We will commune for additional teachings via a monthly conference call at a time convenient for all participants.


Benefits and access to this Medicine Program are in the following ways:

•    Online private group for questions, sharing of experiences, and more 24/7

•    Access to Shamanic Medicine Program graduate community to share with and learn from

•    Monthly conference call

•    Access to Denise directly via email, phone, FaceTime, Skype, and text 24/7 to support and mentor you through your personal transformation

•    TWO Private 1:1 Blossom Sessions to aid in your personal transformation


The investment for this powerful and transformational program is $197/month.  Discounts are available when investment is received in one lump sum.  Financial assistance is available and determined on an individual basis.


After completion of this program, participants will have the skills required for a deep communion with their Sacred Guidance, as well as a plethora of lighter shamanic medicine therapies to utilize for themselves or others.  All participants will have an opportunity to continue their studies in Part Two of this Course: The Awakening.  Part Two will be focused upon deepening relations with the Spirit Helpers for traditional and non-traditional powerful therapeutic treatments, teachings, and ceremonies that are designed for the Advanced Student.  Teachings in Part Two will include Extraction Healing, Soul Retrieval, Power Animal Retrieval, as well as cultivating a bond with the Sacred that will anchor you as One with all our Relations.  


About Denise:

Denise is a Medicine Woman who has treated hundreds of clients over the past 10+ years.  She creates a bridge between her client’s Sacred Spirits and practical earthly wisdom so the Medicine of Love can work its magic in the mind, heart, body, and spirit.  Denise has also been teaching the Medicine Ways for over 7 years and has facilitated numerous intense Shamanic training programs.  She believes in empowering her clients and students in every way possible.  Using laughter, love, and radical acceptance, Denise’s teaching style makes accessing the Sacred a beautiful, gentle, organic experience as she believes it should be.



“In working with Denise I found her to be compassionate, patient and very knowledgeable. I am growing and learning consistently under her gentle guidance. Anyone that has a desire to be better, to do better and to get better I highly recommend working with Denise. Her loving persistence will give you the tools to get there. Just do it.” – Meira Findel


“I feel like Denise has my back at anytime I need her she is there for me with open arms in a compassionate, loving, positive way that just uplifts me to say to myself (I got this, I can make it through). The Knowledge and tools have helped me to empower myself to continue to grow and be the best I could be. Thank you!” – Bob Sawick


“…It is very true when the time is right the perfect teacher will appear. I knew it was time and she was the teacher that the universe was waiting to align me with.  Since I started her program, I have grown immensely and learned to understand things in my work that I did not want to look at before as well as in my life. Denise has shown/taught me to dive into myself and this work in a way that fits me and my needs for where I am at on my path.  She explains things in a way that I can process and understand better than any other teacher I have worked with. She is kind, patient and very compassionate. She makes time for me and all of her students, in the midst of her busy life/day. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a teacher/mentor on their path or looking to expand their work and would like guidance…in any area.” – Lucia C. Cochran


“Having Denise as my Shamanic Teacher has changed my life. She is a wonderful, loving, funny, and intelligent mentor. Her wealth of knowledge about shamanic practices is overwhelming. She is a teacher who guides you helps you out of your comfort zone, but is with you all the way. She encourages you to push yourself and never once I have ever felt their was something I could not consult her about when it comes to my practice. I am forever happy and grateful to have her as a mentor as I navigate this path.” – Ashley O.


“You are a Wonderful Teacher.  You are showing me what is really the true path to becoming a Shaman.  The Knowledge and Wisdom that you have to share is truly amazing.  Again, thank you.” – BB


$197 per month


We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information. However, you should always call ahead to confirm dates, times, location, and other information.