August 2014

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Global Briefs

Harvesting Fog

A fog-harvesting fabric can collect 25 gallons of safe drinking water a day, making life safer and easier for villagers.

True Grit

Educators are learning how to build invaluable attributes in children, such as motivation, self-control and positivity.

Cycling Rx

To combat obesity, Boston doctors are writing prescriptions for bike-sharing programs, reducing the annual cost from $85 to $5.

Flight Zone

Vacant land around airports is being dedicated to the planting of native wildflowers that attract beleaguered bee colonies.

Dirty Waters

A mom and activist is paddling 1,600 miles in a canoe this summer to dramatize the polluted state of our nation’s waterways and vital need for cleanup.

Dangerous Influx

The pipeline from natural gas wells in Pennsylvania to New York City’s homes and businesses contains dangerous radon at 30 to 80 times safe baseline levels.

Fitness Update

The latest information on the fittest U.S. cities shows some surprise winners.

New School Rules

Reusing supplies, quality buys at thrift stores and plastic-free lunch boxes keep back-to-school prep both inexpensive and ecologically sound.
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Health Briefs

Parents’ Smoking Linked to Artery Damage in Children

Leads to Dangerous Effects Later in Life

Heelless Shoes May Help Prevent Runners’ Injuries

Reduces Harm from Excessive Impact

Medicinal Mushrooms Boost Athletic Performance

Improves Results and Recovery Time

Pine Bark Extract Reduces Perimenopausal Symptoms

Remedy for Hot Flashes and Restless Legs

Tough Family Life Linked to Chromosome Aging

Unstable Beginnings Tied to Shortened Lifespans

Flaxseed Lowers Blood Pressure

Food for Heart Health
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Summer Mini-Getaways

A getaway doesn’t have to last long to go deep. From train trips to retreat centers and green spas, a world of relaxation and renewal awaits us, close by home.
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Fit Body

Runner’s Hi

These days, with women comprising a majority of marathon runners, the emerging mantra is “Forget elapsed running time; just cross the finish line and have fun doing it.”
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Conscious Eating

Safe & Sustainable Seafood

Easily overwhelmed by the ocean of information on the risks of seafood? Here are some practical guides to help you choose fish that is low in toxicity and ecologically valid.
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Green Living

Day Care Goes Green

Lead-based paints are long gone, but concerned day-care providers also avoid threats to the health of young children in soaps, cleaners and new carpets.
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Be Happy Now

No need to stay down in the dumps when we can call on these happiness jump-starters.
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Wise Words

Cures in the Kitchen

For the first time, this generation of young Americans is predicted to live sicker and die sooner than their parents. The culprit is a culture of entrenched sugar-heavy eating habits.
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Healthy Kids

Schools that Rock

Innovators Blaze Creative Paths
Fresh educational approaches offer kids a rich array of hands-on experiential learning—everything from knitting to designing shoes that walk on water.

Learning that Transforms Hearts and Minds

Rethinking How We See Our World Changes Everything
A pioneering approach to learning and problem-solving known as Transformative Education is having profound impacts in communities worldwide.

Super-Immunity for Kids

Simple Ways to Boost a Child’s Long-Term Health
We all know that kids need fruit and veggies but there’s much more to building strong bodies, including probiotics, daily sun and laughing a lot.
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Natural Pet

Water Doggies

Beginners require a life jacket at first, but many dogs soon love to lunge into the water for balls, stand on paddleboards and even synchronize swim with their person.