August 2013

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Global Briefs


Japan has become the first country to suspend some U.S. wheat imports after GMO wheat unexpectedly appeared in an Oregon field.

Nasty Stuff

Hazardous residues of glyphosate, the chief ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, have been found in food by Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers.


Bottled water may seem healthier, but about 45 percent of what’s on the market—including Aquafina (Pepsi) and Dasani (Coke)—is nothing but treated tap water.

High-Tech Teachers

Honestly, she’s not always texting! A third of middle-school students do schoolwork and play learning games on mobile apps, says Verizon.

Blighted Icon

The American Chestnut was wiped out by disease by the 1950s, but a blight-resistant variety offers hope of its resurgence.

Wear It Well

Pioneering California programs such as “Grow Your Jeans” connect an eco-network, from fiber producers at the sheep farm up through clothing makers and consumers.

Solar Powered

Newly invented pipes can be laid under asphalt roads to trap heat, transforming blacktopped streets into giant solar collectors.

Collateral Damage

They don’t get much press, but declining populations of wild bees and other insects pollinate twice as well as domestic honeybees.
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Health Briefs

Umbilical Cord Bingo

The Benefits of Waiting to Clamp and Cut

Toddlers Want to Help Out

Young Children Show Signs of Genuine Concern

Blogging Away Teen Troubles

An Effective Way to Relieve Stress

Never Too Old to Quit

It's Not Too Late to Save Your Life

Another Plus for Natural Birth

Benefits for Baby's Brain

Colorful Plates for Picky Eaters

Help for Parents Trying to Push Nutrition

Shifting Priorities

A Dose of Awe Can Make a Teen More Caring

Glories of Growing Up Grateful

Why Feeling Thankful Goes a Long Way

Bounce House Boo-Boos

The Not So Fun Side of these Party Staples

A Tribute to the American Elderberry

The 2013 Herb of the Year
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Nature’s Antibiotics

The worrisome side effects of antibiotics, both for people and the planet, often can be avoided with natural choices sourced from bees and plants.

Rethinking Cancer

As scientific knowledge of cancer grows, so does the scope and effectiveness of natural therapies. From diet to detoxification to stress reduction, we now know proven, proactive ways to prevent cancer from starting or spreading.
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Fit Body

Play Together Stay Together

From softball and tennis to disc golf and yoga, exercising together creates strong muscles, warm memories and closer family bonds.
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Conscious Eating

Good Food on a Tight Budget

With clever strategizing and some surprising choices, mealtime can become more healthy, tasty and affordable.
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Green Living

Go Plastic-Free

Plastic is everywhere in our home, but we can start taking baby steps to reduce its impact on our health and the environment.
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Our Own Ode of Joy

So what if we’re off-key? When we sing, we take part in the pure delight of being alive.
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Wise Words

Happy Parents Happy Kids

The author of The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal and Nurturing the Soul of Your Family shares her latest strategies for self-care, simplicity and connecting with the sacred in the midst of a busy family life.
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Healthy Kids

Kid-Smart Supplements

The Right Choices Help Children Thrive
Identified herbs, healthy fats and vitamins can help a child concentrate better, sidestep colds, and sleep more soundly.
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Natural Pet

Preventing Seizures

A holistic veterinarian explains how we can use gentle remedies to quiet our dog’s attacks.