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Saliva Test Detects Lead Levels in Children

Confirm BioSciences recently released the first non-invasive test, a saliva screening kit, that parents can use to discover if their kids have been exposed to excessive levels of toxic lead. Industrial areas, with older housing incorporating lead pipes and old paint, are of special concern. Children often get lead poisoning by eating lead-based paint chips or breathing in lead paint dust, but a range of consumer goods have produced lead recalls in recent years, as well.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that lead poisoning is the leading environmentally induced illness in children, yet one of the most preventable. Nearly a million children under the age of five now have lead levels that experts consider dangerous. Lead poisoning can cause learning disabilities, slowed growth and developmental delays.

Also, Occupational Safety and Health Administration statistics report that at least a million U.S. adults, in some 100 different jobs, are exposed to lead daily.

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