April 2015

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Global Briefs

Natural Awakenings Earns Top Franchise Business Award

Natural Awakenings has been ranked in the best 50 in its size class among 200 companies named in the Franchise Business Review’s 2015 Top Franchises Report.

Corporate Do-Gooders

The State Department honors companies that practice sound environmental, social and diversity goals in their foreign operations.

Curbside Composting

More than 180 municipalities are asking residents to separate out food waste from trash to lighten the load on landfills.

Thriving Eco-Towns

Low-cost, easily-built homes and communal farming operations are lifting incomes while supporting a healthier environment.

Soil Salvation

A planetary return to small-scale organic farming could capture more than 40 percent of each year’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Buzzing Buddies

Australian researchers are using bees to introduce a biological control agent directly into cherry tree flowers.

Vanishing Wildlife

An authoritative report finds an alarming 52 percent drop in the numbers of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish since 1970.

Sustainable Shopping Tips

Although American food buying has improved, compared to other countries we still buy the most processed food as well as fewer fruits and vegetables.
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Health Briefs

Strawberries Reduce Blood Pressure

Lower Levels Through Fruit Consumption

The Color Green Makes Exercise Feel Easier

Fit Shades

Memory Works Better Reading Real Books

Paper Over Pixels

Acupuncture Increases Quality of Life for Allergy Sufferers

Alternative Solution for Seasonal Symptoms

Olive Oil Boosts Healthy Cholesterol

Good for the Heart

Local Toxins Increase Risk of Autism

Environment Linked to Intellectual Impairments
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Nature’s Wisdom

Nature is essential to our well-being on every level—and when we need healing strategies and breakthrough innovations, it turns out to be the best teacher around.

Spring Greening

No need to worry about ripping out floors and tossing furniture! These simple, doable steps will banish a multitude of toxins from our home.
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Fit Body

Mastering the Force

Martial arts focus equally on internal and external well-being. Here are five key life lessons that martial arts can teach us.
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Conscious Eating

The Food Artisans Next Door

The passage of “cottage-food laws” in 42 states now means we can cook many types of food and sell it from our homes—or buy it directly from the great cook down the street.
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Green Living

Home-Grown Organic Made Easy

By planning ahead on seeds, containers, mulch and more we can both grow an abundant garden and relish time for summer fun.
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Strong Winds Strong Roots

The Biodome desert experiment proved that trees need the challenge of strong winds to grow tall. What’s the lesson for us?
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Wise Words

Healing Journeys

Crossing the country by foot and bike, he exorcised grief and experienced the real America.
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Healthy Kids

Earth in Peril

Children Confront Climate Change
Rising seas, disappearing fish, vanishing flowers… kids are rightfully alarmed, as an HBO Special this month demonstrates.
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Natural Pet

Dogs with Library Cards

By reading out loud to dogs and cats, even hard-to-reach children rapidly gain reading skills.