April 2014

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Global Briefs

Albatross Advance

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has updated its “red list” of threatened species.

Pick-Me-Up Books

Roadside mailboxes filled with books are popping up around the world, enhancing literacy and building community.

Porous Pavement

New pavement technology allows rainwater to drain quickly, helps keep pavement clearer from ice and snow and reduces runoff of pollutants into surface water.

Trees are Trying

Hopes that forests can substantially soak up planet-warming carbon dioxide have been dashed by an 11-year study from Northern Arizona University.

Marine Maneuvers

The U.S. Department of Energy is spending $29 million to explore the use of tidal and wave devices to capture the ocean’s energy.

CO2-Correct Food

A list of planet-sustainable foods by Scottish nutritionists favors fruit, vegetables and legumes over dairy and meat.

Hot ‘n Sunny

A 50 percent price drop in the cost of solar equipment boosted U.S. solar industry jobs by a fifth in just 14 months.

GMO Go-Ahead

In spite of intense opposition from farmers and public health groups, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has tentatively approved Dow Chemical’s genetically modified corn and soybeans.

Food Charter

Wake Up Before it is Too Late is the subtitle of a UN document that lays out critical transformative strategies for Earth-friendlier agriculture and trade policies.

Heirloom Home

New-to-us decorative items, air-freshening plants, and artful rearrangements offer creative ways to spruce up living spaces.
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Health Briefs

Home Renovations Aggravate Childhood Asthma

Consider Respiratory Conditions When Fixing Up the House

Ventilation and Cleaning Hinder Indoor Pollutants

Keeping Healthy Spaces

Tomatoes Prevent and Even Treat Liver Disease

The Power of Lycopene

Supplements Could Save $70 Billion in Medical Costs

Alternative Healthcare Management

Orange Oil Calms Kids in Dental Chairs

Aromatherapy Helps with Visits to the Dentist

Olive Leaf Outperforms Diabetes Drug

A Natural Treatment for Reducing Insulin Resistance

Air Conditioning Cleans Up Indoor Air

Removes Interior Pollutants
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Good Riddance to Bad Vibes

The Wi-Fi and cell phone fields that surround us are proven to interfere with sleep and health, but there are creative ways to limit our exposure.
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Fit Body

Qi Whiz

Qigong’s gentle movements strengthen the body so it can take care of itself and will boost our overall health and happiness.
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Conscious Eating

Culinary Mushroom Magic

Ancient cultures believed mushrooms conferred immortality, and now science has verified that yes, their proteins, vitamins and compounds do have protective powers.
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Green Living

Homemade Eco-Cleaners

We don’t have to put up with toxic cleaning products when we can clean efficiently and thoroughly with these simple homemade solutions.

Live Green, Save Big

Recycling is just a start. Committing ourselves to going green has an impact on everything from house size and car ownership to being choosy about everyday consumer goods.
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Wilderness in Sidewalk Cracks

In the quiet beauties of ants and weeds, urban kids relish the joys of the natural world.
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Wise Words

Ice Chaser

His breathtaking photos of vanishing glaciers give fresh urgency to climate change concerns and urge us to action.
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Healthy Kids

Backyard Birds and Butterflies

Native Habitats Draw Critters and Delight Kids
Charming creatures will flock to the neighborhood if yards provide them with nutrients and shelter.
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Natural Pet

Pooch Protocol

With careful owner training, dogs can learn to behave nicely in restaurants, offices and planes.