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Hallmarks of a Smart Green Development

Anyone that has ever wondered whether a new community development is environmentally friendly and should be supported will appreciate the hands-on introduction in A Citizen’s Guide to LEED for Neighborhood Development, published by the National Resources Defense Council. NRDC experts developed the guide to help promote more widespread adoption of sustainable practices and create more inclusive, healthy and environmentally sound places.

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Quick Quarters

Harnessing technology and cleverness, homebuilding startups in the Ukraine, Italy and Lebanon are offering tiny, energy-neutral, quick-built houses at low cost.

Well Well

Scientists, doctors and other researchers have developed the WELL Building Standard, a certification program that emphasizes human health and well-being in the design of new structures.


An innovative, easily duplicated house built in a foreclosure-heavy neighborhood in Washington, D.C., consumes 90 percent less energy than conventional homes, for a competitive price tag of $250,000.

Bunker Hunker

Could people someday live in an underground skyscraper? Maybe. A designer’s innovative plan would theoretically fill a 900-foot-deep, 300-acrewide crater left by the Lavender Pit copper mine, in Bisbee, Arizona.

Recycled Shelters

Citizens of Africa’s most populous nation can now live “inside” the plastic water bottles that previously littered their roads, canals and gutters.
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