April 2011

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Global Briefs

Cashing In

Each year, students moving out of dorms dump perfectly good stuff that winds up in landfills. A new national initiative gets the leftovers to people who will give them a second life.

Sweet Sounds

Internationally, the music industry is hitting some eco-friendly high notes that reduce environmental footprints and support nonprofits.

Favored Addresses

Visit this website that ranks walkability ratings for the nation’s 40 largest cities—and any U.S. residential address.

A Billion Acts of Green

Our individual, sustainable acts—no matter how small or simple—have the power to change the world. Pledge one of your own online, to participate in Earth Day Network’s A Billion Acts of Green campaign.

Stirring Giants

America’s 10 largest homebuilders are beginning to embrace sustainability, but more improvement is needed.

Paint America Green

Painting has been one of the most toxic segments of the construction industry, but a new training program promises change. Learn where to find certified green painters.

Action Alert

Multiple studies point to specific chemical culprits behind bee colony collapse. Sign this emergency petition to help save our bees.

$ave Earth

These behind-the-wheel dos and don’ts can help you save at the pump while aiding the planet.

Earth Care

Globally, women make 85 percent of consumer choices; Earth Day Network’s new WAGE campaign engages them to lead the way to a sustainable world.
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Health Briefs

Second-Hand Lead Alert

Caution to Antique Collectors

B12 –The Brain Vitamin

May Protect Against Alzheimer's

Safety Tips for Reusable Bags

Avoid Food-Borne Illnesses

What Hair Reveals About the Heart

Your Locks can Say a Lot

Pomegranate Juice May Inhibit the Spread of Cancer

This Drink Packs a Big Punch

Air Quality Contributes to Diabetes

A New Study Finds a Link

Toxic Food Wrappers

It's a Wrap... This Packaging is Dangerous

Traveling? Pack Probiotics

Help Ease Digestion Away from Home
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Natural Healing in Unnatural Settings

There’s no place like home, but if you or a loved one is in a hospital or other care facility, use these suggestions to create a more nurturing, natural environment that encourages healing.
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Fit Body

Eco-Workout Tips

Try these simple, planet-friendly tips to green up your fitness routine while saving time and cash.
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Conscious Eating

Salad Lovers’ Salads

Cool, crisp greens…freshly made dressings….flavorful accents—these easy, healthful recipes from garden or farmers’ market ingredients are bursting with color, zest and yum.
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Green Living

The Power of Permaculture

Melding the needs of human habitation and horticulture, permaculture is a creative, artful way of living that embraces thoughtful planning and the careful use of resources.

Ed Begley Jr.’s Green Home Makeover

America’s most environmentally aware actor is building a new, green home that meets LEED Platinum standards. His wife and daughter dish on “life with Ed” and their daily eco-strategies.
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Slow Up Your Home

Feeling disorganized, unbalanced or out of sync? Your home may be partly to blame. A slow home is easy to live in and light on the Earth—and these simple modifications can help get you there.
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Wise Words

Richard Louv’s Well-Being Rx: Reconnect with Nature

Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods and The Nature Principle, asserts that the more high-tech our lives become, the more nature we need to enhance the quality of our health and relationships. He also urges us to re-imagine our own backyards and neighborhoods.
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Healthy Kids

Kids Dig Worm Composting

Red Wigglers Turn Kitchen Scraps into Gardening Gold
Kids have an extra incentive to help prepare and eat fresh fruits and veggies when they know the worms must be fed! Follow these easy tips for successful composting, indoors or out.
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Natural Pet

Forbidden Creatures

Author Peter Laufer exposes the illegal network of hunters, traders, breeders and customers who negatively impact the lives of wild animals and the environment.