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Wildlife Habitat Impacts Online

The National Wildlife Federation has developed global warming fact sheets for all 50 states, plus the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, that show what effects climate change is having on local wildlife and what citizens can do to help. Fact sheets zero in on the relation of the environment to each region’s economy and what’s at stake. More, they suggest practical steps toward solutions.

For a look at how wildlife is faring in your state, visit

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Renewable Payoff

For a few hours last May, Germany’s renewable mix of energy generated so much power that customers were actually paid for using electricity.

Sealife Sanctuary

Greenpeace is working with the European Union and Germany to set aside an Antarctic sanctuary of almost three-quarters of a million square miles to protect whales, penguins and other wildlife.

Plumbing Progress

An innovative Australian project recycles discarded ocean plastic into 3-D printer filament, which is then used to make replacement plumbing parts in needy areas of the world.

Urban Trees

Tree cover works to reduce depression, improve productivity and lessen disease, yet four million city trees a year are being lost due to their low priority in municipal budgets.

Tree Tally

By digitalizing photographs and other museum records, scientists are closing in on the number of tree species left to be discovered in the Amazon rainforest.
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