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Wildlife Habitat Impacts Online

The National Wildlife Federation has developed global warming fact sheets for all 50 states, plus the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, that show what effects climate change is having on local wildlife and what citizens can do to help. Fact sheets zero in on the relation of the environment to each region’s economy and what’s at stake. More, they suggest practical steps toward solutions.

For a look at how wildlife is faring in your state, visit

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Tree Tally

By digitalizing photographs and other museum records, scientists are closing in on the number of tree species left to be discovered in the Amazon rainforest.

Tiny Baubles

As many as 51 trillion particles of discarded plastic lie on the ocean floor, threatening marine life globally.

Landfill Eulogy

Sweden’s waste-to-energy plants are so efficient that it has closed many landfills and actually imports trash to burn from other European countries.

Humpback Holler

Humpback whales that leap out of the water are making a big splash to communicate with distant pods, Australian researchers have found.

Window Pain

As many as one billion migrating birds die annually when they collide with glass windows in the United States.
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