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Wildlife Habitat Impacts Online

The National Wildlife Federation has developed global warming fact sheets for all 50 states, plus the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, that show what effects climate change is having on local wildlife and what citizens can do to help. Fact sheets zero in on the relation of the environment to each region’s economy and what’s at stake. More, they suggest practical steps toward solutions.

For a look at how wildlife is faring in your state, visit

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Migrating Trees

Three-quarters of American tree species have shifted to the West since 1980 due to dryer conditions in the East and changing rainfall patterns.

Plutonium Problem

To safely dispose of 56 million gallons of nuclear waste dating back to the Second World War, the Department of Energy might replace a glass-log encasement plan with a cement option.

Bat Banter

Computer algorithms helped Israeli researchers decode the language of Egyptian fruit bats and discover that bats exchange information about specific problems.

Tuna Turnaround

Levels of toxic mercury in Atlantic Bluefin tuna declined 19 percent between 2004 and 2012, a drop that scientists attribute to a shift from coal to natural gas and renewable energy.

Buzzing RoboBees

Harvard researchers have invented tiny robotic bees that may be able to eventually pollinate the crops that are under threat because of vanishing bee colonies.
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