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Earth’s Name in Lights

Earth Cinema Circle represents a growing genre of film that powerfully informs, inspires and uplifts, while revealing issues that affect personal and planetary well-being. This subscription-based DVD club, co-founded by GAIAM, offers family-friendly fare on the environment, wildlife conservation, adventurous eco-travel, sustainability, healthy green-living choices and some modern-day heroes taking on our most pressing problems. Renowned environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. hosts.

Each month’s DVD includes four independent movies, documentaries and shorts chosen from hundreds of quality features produced each year by filmmakers who are passionate about the Earth.  Previously, most of this work was only available at film festivals. A monthly subscription costs $17.95 plus shipping.

For information call 1-866-284-8058 or visit

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Solar Powered

Newly invented pipes can be laid under asphalt roads to trap heat, transforming blacktopped streets into giant solar collectors.


A new breed of “green” gyms and fitness centers is adding electricity-generating workout equipment and other strategies to help the planet.

Fact Quest

A new survey notes that a majority of 14-to-18-year-olds looking for information about the environment seek it outside of the classroom.

Sea Power

Harnessing tidal currents on the seafloor may be the wave of the future for electrical power.

Water Bubble

A recent report by the World Economic Forum warns that half the world’s population will be affected by water shortages within 20 years.
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